Apple launches Android app that makes it harder for sneaky thieves to track your car

At first glance, the Apple AirTag is a pretty cool gadget that makes it much harder to lose your personal belongings, such as car keys.

But on the other hand, AirTag has become a very valuable tool for thieves as they use this device to track their targets and possibly steal their cars.

Several reports that have surfaced recently described the very simple technique used by thieves to steal luxury cars. Thieves just placed AirTags on the cars they wanted to steal, often under the bumper, and then tracked the location of the device on their iPhones.

Once the vehicle was parked in front of the owner’s house, thieves could proceed with the actual theft using various methods that allowed them to escape with the car almost unnoticed.

Police have also issued a warning that the AirTags could be used to track victims, and it appears Apple has received the messages as well.

The company launched an Android app called Tracker detection and whose purpose is not difficult to understand. The app allows users with mobile devices powered by Google’s operating system to search for nearby AirTags, which lets them know whether they are being tracked or not.

This is also useful for drivers. If you suspect someone is tracking your location for the purpose of stealing the car, just launch the app and do a quick scan to see if they are using an AirTag for the whole thing.

Needless to say, this new app comes in very handy, especially for Android users who until now had absolutely no method of detecting an AirTag nearby. Of course, it’s not as convenient as having an iPhone, but at least now there is a way to know if someone is using such a cool device for nefarious purposes.

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