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Believe it or not, even the worst feuds in professional wrestling can turn into something gold. As WWE fans, unfortunately, have witnessed many awful rivalries in recent years that no one would dream of rewatching on Peacock, one specific feud that everyone hated with a passion turned into something that became critically acclaimed and one of the best angles in WWE history. That feud would be the rivalry between Roman Reigns and King Corbin in late 2019 and early 2020, which led to Roman Reigns turning heel and becoming The Tribal Chief of today.

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Roman Reigns Vs. King Corbin Was One Of The Worst Feuds In Recent Years


It's no secret that there's been a long list of horrible WWE feuds in recent years that were so bad fans couldn't believe they made its way to TV. And what's worse about many of these awful feuds is most of these rivalries didn't mean anything in the long run. One might notice it's been a common occurrence in recent years when WWE has an awful feud, it gets forgotten or nothing of importance comes of it.

Speaking of awful rivalries, in a feud that lasted for many months and drove everyone crazy, not long after WWE had its second draft in mid-2019, Roman Reigns and King Corbin began a rivalry as they were among the top superstars on the SmackDown brand. Because of this, not long after Roman Reigns and King Corbin got drafted to SmackDown, for some reason, King Corbin had a bone to pick with Roman Reigns as he recruited Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode of the Dirty Dawgs for his assistance.

Although the feud surprisingly had its bright moments, including an entertaining Falls Count Anywhere match between Reigns and Corbin at Royal Rumble 2020, the entire rivalry was a complete bust that didn't make either Roman Reigns or King Corbin look good in the long run.

Perhaps one of the most memorable moments of that feud, not in a good way, was the infamous "dog food" incident where Corbin and the Dirty Dawgs showered a defenseless Reigns with dog food on a December 2019 episode of Friday Night Smackdown. However, as one might expect, Roman Reigns got the best of King Corbin by defeating him in their Steel Cage match at Super ShowDown 2020 to end their horrible feud.

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Roman Reigns Turns Heel And Becomes The Tribal Chief

Roman Reigns SummerSlam 2020

Although he was supposed to challenge Universal Champion Bill Goldberg for the title at WrestleMania 36, Roman Reigns took a long hiatus from WWE. After many months away from WWE TV, with COVID-19 affecting WWE TV, Reigns made a surprise return at SummerSlam 2020 during the aftermath of The Fiend vs Braun Strowman for the Universal Championship.

Turning heel in the process and aligning himself with Paul Heyman, Roman Reigns become among the most critically-acclaimed professional wrestlers in the history of the business. From his on-screen character development, given the "Tribal Chief" moniker and leading The Bloodline faction, to the list of classic bouts he's had with the likes of Brock Lesnar, Edge, and John Cena, Reigns has arguably solidified himself as among the all-time best performers of the 21st Century.

How The Roman Reigns And King Corbin Feud Gave Birth To The Tribal Chief

Roman Reigns World Championships WWE

Some might wonder what Roman Reigns's awful feud with King Corbin in 2019 has to do with his current run as The Tribal Chief. It's worth noting that, unlike many rotten WWE feuds that result in nothing, the Roman Reigns vs King Corbin rivalry led to Roman Reigns turning heel and adopting the Tribal Chief character, for the simple fact because of how awful it was.

According to Paul Heyman during an interview with Rick Rubin's Tetragrammaton podcast, Roman Reigns got fed up with the direction of his babyface character in 2020, especially after having to take part in an awful storyline with King Corbin. With COVID-19 taking over, Paul Heyman explained that Roman Reigns felt he reached his peak with horrible creative over his on-screen character, from the "dog food" incident to the "sufferin' succotash" promo in 2015 that people still talk about as one of the worst promos in history.

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