A dream match between Roman Reigns and The Rock is something that a lot of people want to see due to their family connection and the high level that they have worked at over the years. A big reason people have wanted to see them compete against each other is down to the fact that they have a lot of similarities.

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However, while there are aspects of their personalities and careers that are similar, there are also many major differences. That is one of the reasons why they have enjoyed so much success in the wrestling world because they have been able to carve out unique careers.

10 Similarity: Groomed To Be The Face

The Rock Roman Reigns

A big similarity that they have is the fact that WWE groomed both of them to be the face of the company from a very early stage in their careers. Because both of them come from major families of success management clearly felt that they had a lot of potential which is why they were thrust into big opportunities.

Fighting to be the face of the company wasn't something that either man truly had to do once they were signed as WWE was always going to at least allow them to be in that role as they simply saw something in them as people.

9 Difference: In-Ring Style

Roman Reigns hitting a Spear

A big difference between the two men is the in-ring style that they both work. While they would potentially mesh well against each other, when it comes to their body of work they are very different. The Rock always worked at a fast pace inside the ring, which is why being the most electrifying man was something that suited him.

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That isn't how Roman Reigns tends to operate. While he can explode with real pace and power it isn't his usual style as he tends to be a lot more methodical in the ring, slowly wearing down his opponent to create a different type of match entirely.

8 Similarity: Teething Problems With Their Gimmicks

The Rock's Debut

Roman Reigns and The Rock are two of the biggest stars in wrestling history, and because of that people often forget there were times when each man had real difficulties in getting over. For The Rock, he was hated by the fans as they chanted "Die Rocky die," during his Rocky Maivia gimmick.

Reigns was equally as hated during his original run as a singles star when he first came out of The Shield. WWE tried too hard to push him and that was something that people rejected which led to him going through the same difficulties as The Rock.

7 Difference: Comedic Abilities

The Rock cutting a promo in WWE.

One of the reasons that The Rock has always been such a hit with fans is because of how charismatic and funny he is. He often cut some of the greatest one-liners that helped cut others apart, and while Roman Reigns has drastically improved on the microphone he isn't adding comedic bits to his work.

Their characters are different in that aspect as The Rock was always able to get away with adding some comedy into what he did. His one-liners would cut apart his opponents in a creative way which set him apart.

6 Similarity: Factions Help Them Grow

The Nation Of Domination Cropped

Both The Rock and Roman Reigns eventually made their name as top singles stars in the company, establishing themselves as main event players. However, it took a faction to help get each of them there which is something that they have in common.

For The Rock it was the Nation Of Domination that played a big part in helping him get over, meanwhile, it has been The Shield and The Bloodline that have had that impact when it comes to Reigns' career.

5 Difference: Babyface Work

The Rock WrestleMania 28 Cropped

There have been a few times where Roman Reigns has worked as a babyface such as when The Shield turned or after he returned from his illness, but for the most part, he hasn't connected in that role. Audiences have naturally wanted to hate him and that's something he has embraced.

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Coming out of his current character there is likely a great babyface run in his future, but right now he hasn't achieved it as a solo act. That's a big difference with The Rock, because even though he was a great heel he has also been able to work as the ultimate babyface.

4 Similarity: Brilliant Facials

roman reigns holding a mic
via WWE

The majority of people who reach WWE are talented in-ring workers and that is something that every fan expects to see. However, it is the small details that helps to set people apart when it comes to reaching the pinnacle of the industry which is something both men excel at.

Roman Reigns and The Rock are both excellent at adding facial expressions into their matches and promos that help to truly paint the picture. It allows fans to emotionally invest in them on a deeper level which is why they've been so popular.

3 Difference: Domination

Roman Reigns World Championships WWE

The Rock is often considered to be one of the best wrestlers in WWE's history and he spent the majority of his time in the business working at the highest level. However, while he had spells on top as World Champion, those runs were often shorter as he was in serious competition with others such as Steve Austin and The Undertaker.

While Roman Reigns has also been working with other top stars like Brock Lesnar, his current run as Undisputed Universal WWE Champion has seen him completely dominate the company. That is something that sets him apart from The Rock as a main event performer.

2 Similarity: Working Their Own Schedules


There are only so many stars who can get away with saying how much they are willing to work and WWE will go along with it. The likes of Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, and Randy Orton are examples of that, and so are The Rock and Roman Reigns.

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Of course, nowadays Rock comes and goes as he pleases, but even at the end of his full-time run, he was working much less due to movie commitments. That's a spot Reigns is in now as he only works limited dates simply due to the level of star power he has reached.

1 Difference: Success Outside Of Wrestling

Dwayne The Rock Johnson

This situation is something that could end up changing down the line, especially as Roman Reigns is younger than The Rock. However, a big difference is the success that they have had outside the world of professional wrestling with The Rock becoming a huge star in the world of Hollywood.

This is something that Roman Reigns has dipped his toes into, showing glimpses of his future. However, as it stands, The Rock is a global name beyond the world of wrestling which is something that Reigns is still working towards.