• Edge announces that he won't wrestle again in WWE, at least not in Toronto, as he doesn't think he can physically prepare for another match.
  • Edge thanks Sheamus, his trainer, his family, and the Toronto crowd for their support throughout his career.
  • Speculation suggests Edge might join AEW, but his recent comments about the physical toll of wrestling make it unclear if he's willing to continue competing. Time will tell if he decides to make the jump.

After his final match on his current contract in WWE, Edge told the Toronto crowd after SmackDown went off the air on Friday night that he'll never wrestle again in WWE, at least not in Toronto because he doesn't think he can make another full round to be ready for a match. Saying he doesn't know what his future holds and that he'll need to go home this week, lick his wounds, and talk to his family to see what they want him to do, Edge didn't say his career was over, but it sure sounds like his in-ring career with WWE is.

Edge had a banger match with Sheamus on SmackDown and the show celebrated 25 years of his career in WWE. He thanked The Celtic Warrior after the match, said he's good if this was a one-and-done, and said he didn't want to go through another battle like that again. He then thanked his trainer and his wife and kids. Finally, he thanked Toronto for being there and supporting him, noting that he might call another city his home, but Toronto will always have a special place in his heart. He said, "Thank you for being the city I've always been proud to present, and to be announced from. I came out here in full Maple Leafs gear, pandering to all of ya. I am Canadian first and foremost, and I am so damn proud of that," he said.

Edge then said, "Toronto, what I can say is that this is my last time in front of you all." The crowd heavily booed that announcement. Edge then, "I don't think I can make it another full one to get here again for a match. I'm just being honest with you." He added, "But don't let that be a downer, because man, what an experience you all gave me." He finished with, "I will never forget it. When I'm 84 and I don't remember much, you can be damned sure I'll remember this."

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Is Edge Actually Done?

With Edge saying he won't wrestle again in Toronto, it sounds like he's hanging up his boots. While speculation is that he might jump to AEW for a match and team up with Christian Cage, one would have to assume going to AEW doesn't necessarily rule out ever wrestling in Canada, and for that matter Toronto. And, when he says he needs to lick his wounds and talked about the struggle that is still competing, it seems odd to imagine he would say that and then jump right over to AEW and compete.

Time will tell. The offer and the money from AEW will certainly be there. It's a matter of whether Edge has it in him to make the jump and the willingness to go through the physical rigors of still wrestling.