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Why is Darwinism a threat?

Charles Darwin

Darwinism is a pagan pseudo-religion that regards chance as divine.

Darwinism is the greatest scientific fraud in the world.

Every claim that Darwinists make in the name of evolution is an utter lie.

The theory of evolution has nothing to do with science.

Darwinist ideology is a false religion fabricated in order to turn people and societies away from belief in Allah (surely Allah is beyond that). This bloody ideology is the greatest trend of the dajjal (anti-messiah) in the End Times. And because society remained unaware of this, it encouraged them toward irreligion, war, oppression and suffering. Darwinism is the fundamental source of all irreligious trends, such as atheism, communism and materialism. Darwinism represents the source of all wars, terrorist actions, slaughter, genocide and scenarios of horror and disaster that have inflicted such tragedy on the world. Darwinism is the most cunning and perverse method resorted to by the dajjal.

According to Darwinists’ superstitious ideas, man is merely an animal; Darwinists therefore think that the only value to be placed on human beings is proportionate with that. Darwin’s basic idea can be summed up as “man is a fighting animal.” The result was an ideology based on the principle of “the survival of the fittest ” among human beings. Those who adopted the Darwinist ideology in question were responsible for initiating bloody movements such as communism and fascism in the world, and inflicted terrible suffering. More than 250 million people died during the Second World War, which began under the influence of Darwinist ideas through the Fascist and Nazi movements and more than a billion people have lost their lives in acts of political repression, stemming from communism and untold numbers of deaths resulting from terrorism, both of these bloody philosophies again originating from Darwinism.

Without exception, all the civil conflicts, wars and acts of terror that persist today originate from Darwinism. That is why the Darwinist ideology represents the worst corruption of the dajjal in the End Times in which we are living. The only way for belief in Allah to spread across the whole world, and for this savagery and unhappiness to come to an end, is through the elimination of this pagan religion of Darwinism

Without exception, all the civil conflicts, wars and acts of terror that persist today originate from Darwinism.

This pagan religion is rooted in a comprehensive fraud. Therefore it is very easy to eliminate this superstitious belief, that is to say evolution, scientifically. The 21st Century is a time when the illogicality and falsities of this specious theory have been thoroughly exposed in all regards. Indeed, as can be seen from the information on this site, as the evolution deception is exposed, this superstitious religion of Darwinism, that has deceived the world and inflicted such misery, will entirely disappear.

Evolutionists' False God is Chance

In the wake of Mr. Oktar’s global exposure of the illogicality and nonsensicality of the idea of chance, Darwinists have recently been reluctant to use the word “chance” directly.

According to Darwinists, all the wondrous variety of life on Earth came into being “BY CHANCE.” In order to avoid saying that “Allah created them” (surely Allah is beyond that), Darwinists have adopted chance as a god, in their own eyes, and claimed that blind, unconscious events represent the sole origin of these glorious and wonderfully complex living systems. Darwinism managed to deceive people with such a facile and ludicrous logic. The way that professors lecturing in universities, scientists and teachers who have studied and researched speak of random events with no consciousness at all, as if they were a creative intelligence capable of thinking and making decisions, and as if they were the ones who originated extraordinary systems is truly a great miracle (surely Allah is beyond that).

Chance is the false god of Darwinism, that supposedly created everything and even works miracles. According to the shallow Darwinist world view, time and chance are, in some fantastical way, capable of bringing everything into being. This irrational belief maintains that chance achieves what human beings cannot, and in some way possesses knowledge, abilities and means far greater than those of scientists and their laboratories. It is of course quite impossible for any well-informed, thinking person with the faculty of judgment to subscribe to such a claim. Indeed, the works that Mr. Adnan Oktar has written in order to expose the invalidity of the theory of evolution over the last 30 years or so have been instrumental in people better seeing this illogicality and realizing that evolution is nothing but a hollow claim.

In the wake of Mr. Oktar’s global exposure of the illogicality and nonsensicality of the idea of chance, Darwinists have recently been reluctant to use the word “chance” directly. They imagine that they can prevent themselves from looking foolish by employing equally illogical words carrying the exact same meaning. But whether they speak of chance, or coincidence, or random events, they are still talking about a scenario in which unconscious events give rise to a conscious, balanced, symmetrical and extraordinarily beautiful living world. But these claims just make Darwinists look rather pitiful.

Darwinists who seek to account for the origin of life in evolutionary terms using utterly illogical scenarios ARE IN FACT UNABLE TO EXPLAIN HOW EVEN A SINGLE PROTEIN COULD COME INTO BEING SPONTANEOUSLY. That is the first and most important fact that should be known about Darwinist frauds. Unable to account for the formation of a single protein, Darwinists are blatantly resorting to fraud. Every tale they tell about the emergence of life is a fabrication. The way that this has emerged into the light and been revealed by millions of living fossils that have remained unchanged for hundreds of millions of years has spelled the end of Darwinism.

Two Fundamental Proofs Have Been Enough to Bring Evolution Crashing Down

1-A single protein has totally demolished evolution

Darwinists can write as many deceptive books jam packed with formulae, produce as many false fossils as they like, make as many demagogic assaults on the scientific evidence for Creation as they choose or stick posters up full of fantastical illustrations and present these as exhibitions of evolution all over the place, but none of these will ever change the fact of their fundamental defeat. That is because Darwinists HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO PRODUCE A SINGLE EXPLANATION OF HOW JUST ONE PROTEIN CAME INTO BEING.The probability of a protein, the most fundamental building block of living things, coming into being by itself is ZERO; this is because IT IS ESSENTIAL for UP TO 100 PROTEINS to be already present, in sequence, in that region simply in order for one protein to be formed. There is no need to go into the wondrous details of this gloriously complex structure. The fact that one protein cannot form in the absence of other proteins is in itself SUFFICIENT TO DEMOLISH DARWINISM. But the rout evolutionists experience in the face of a single protein goes even further than this.

In addition:

  • DNA is essential for a single protein to form
  • DNA cannot form without protein
  • Protein cannot form without DNA
  • Protein cannot form in the absence of protein
  • Protein cannot form in the absence of any one of the proteins which serve in the manufacture of protein
  • Protein cannot form withoutribosome
  • Protein cannot form without RNA
  • Protein cannot form without ATP
  • Protein cannot form without the mitochondria to manufacture ATP
  • Protein cannot form without the cell nucleus
  • Protein cannot form without the cytoplasm
  • Protein cannot form in the absence of a single organelle in the cell
  • And proteins are necessary for all the organelles in the cell to exist and function
  • There can be no protein without these organelles.

Simply put ,

THE WHOLE CELL IS NECESSARY FOR A PROTEIN TO FORM. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR A SINGLE PROTEIN TO FORM IN THE ABSENCE OF THE WHOLE CELL, with its perfect complex structure we see today, but of which we understand only a very small part.

Evolutionists have had to come up with new scenarios in the face of these facts. One of these is Richard Dawkins’ and some other Darwinists’ claim of “a spontaneously replicating molecule”, which is utterly ludicrous and solely intended to deceive. NO MOLECULE IN THE HUMAN CELL POSSESSES THE ABILITY TO REPLICATE ITSELF SPONTANEOUSLY WITHOUT THE HELP OF ANY OTHER MOLECULE.

As we have seen, the theory of evolution has suffered a terrible rout right from the very outset. The way that Darwinists, helpless in the face of a single protein, seek to deceive people on the subject of the variety of life on Earth is a clear indication of the scale of the evolution fraud.


2- Evolution Has Collapsed in the Face of 350 Million Fossils

Darwinists also perpetrate fraud when it comes to fossils. They constantly pull the wool over the eyes of people with the false transitional forms they themselves fabricate, with bogus illustrations and fake models and reconstructions. They use these to spread their own conditioning techniques. But the fact is that not even one single evolutionist has ever been able to hold up a fossil and say, “we have brought one proof for evolution," up until today. Because that is not possible. NOT ONE SINGLE TRANSITIONAL FORM EXISTS.

This is a shocking fact for people who have been exposed to Darwinist indoctrination for many years because Darwinist publications always speak of transitional forms that corroborate evolution. But the fact is that not a single intermediate form has ever been found. This is just another one of the greatest lies fabricated by Darwinists.

More than 350 million fossils have been discovered to date. BUT NOT A SINGLE ONE IS A TRANSITIONAL FOSSIL. Every single one of the fossils that Darwinists have heralded as transitional forms in the headlines has been proven to be a fraud. A great many of those more than 350 million fossils are in fact examples dating back millions of years, of the life forms that still exist today. In other words, they are living fossils. What they actually show is that living things have remained unchanged for millions of years. Other fossils belong to life forms that existed once, but have since become extinct. Fossils have proved that these life forms possessed a wide-ranging and stunning complexity even hundreds of millions of years ago. This is the proof of the comprehensive and scientific collapse of evolution.

The way that fossils refute evolution is the second body blow dealt to Darwinism. Every branch of science confirms the collapse of evolution. Every scientific discovery refutes evolution with further evidence, on every single occasion. But since the two proofs we are concentrating on here – the collapse of evolution in the face of proteins and fossils – are enough to discredit evolution on their own, there is no particular need to consider other evidence refuting evolution. This huge body blow has been enough to defeat Darwinists. Then again, various fundamental issues will be mentioned in the pages that follow, mainly as a response to evolutionist claims.


Speculation Regarding the Fictitious Evolution of Man Is a Major Component of Darwinist Fraud

The Darwinist dictatorship that has a worldwide domination as we have explained below in details, by means of the influential Darwinist media it monopolized, has been espousing the deception of "ape-man" for years. Almost every monkey fossil discovered has been used for the sake of that fraud. On every occasion, however, the fossil heralded as proof of evolution has been shown to belong to an ordinary monkey and has thus been quietly retracted. This is a well-known Darwinist deception. Moreover, in order to stress the similarity between humans and apes, Darwinists features an ape and make a great show of various forms of behavior and abilities such as the use of tools or the ability to learn. The aim is, in their own eyes, to create a conviction in people with little knowledge of the Darwinist deception that would make them regard the idea of human beings being descended from apes as legitimate..

It is true that apes and monkeys do have some characteristics that resemble those in humans. But this does not alter the fact that humans, apes and monkeys are completely different living beings. By the leave of Allah, apes and monkeys will never be anything other than apes and monkeys as long as they will continue to exist in this world. No matter how much they are trained they will never turn into humans with characteristics such as the ability to think, perceive, interpret, foresee, behave intelligently, make judgments, act in a planned and conscious manner or speak. No matter how much they repeat their efforts, apes and monkeys will never be able to design airplanes, build skyscrapers, write poems or study human beings in the laboratory. No matter how much training they receive, they will never be able to design a project, or produce a superior civilization through reflection and planning. This is because a primate is a living being with the anatomical features that make it so specially bestowed on it by Allah, but most importantly, bereft of the human consciousness, of mind and soul. The fact that it possesses a few abilities is definitely not a proof for the claim stating that it is the ancestor of man.

The soul that Allah had granted as a blessing is what makes human beings human

In making these claims, Darwinists try to make forget the main difference between humans and monkeys. MAN IS A LIVING BEING CAPABLE OF SAYING “I AM,” WHO IS AWARE OF HIS OWN EXISTENCE AND WHY HE IS CREATED, WHO IS CAPABLE OF REFLECTING ON THE REASON FOR HIS EXISTENCE AND OF MAKING JUDGMENTS. HUMAN BEINGS POSSESS A SOUL. For that reason, man is a living being that is totally different from other life forms. Compared to the existence of the soul, anatomical differences and skills have no differentiating properties. EVEN IF A LIVING BEING DOES NOT RESEMBLE A HUMAN BEING IN TERMS OF PHYSICAL APPEARANCE BUT NEVERTHELESS HAS A SOUL, IT IS A HUMAN BEING. This is the sole characteristic that makes a human being.

NO MATERIALIST EXPLANATION CAN EVER ACCOUNT FOR A CONSCIOUS BEING WHO IS AWARE OF HIMSELF, WHO SAYS "I AM.” No materialist account can explain a supposed transition from a life form unconscious and unaware of its own existence into one who posseses a soul and who is aware of its existence. That is what Darwinists do not wish to speak of, and that inflicts great despair on them as they speak of the co-called evolution of man and try to impose a whole series of false skulls as evidence for this. (

Therefore, all the claims regarding human evolution so heavily propagandized in Darwinist publications are false. First and foremost, Darwinists need to account for what makes human beings human; how they are affected by what they see and hear, how they think about these, use reason, possess feelings such as respect, love and loyalty, and possess a soul that enables them to make decisions and judgments. But they are unable to provide any explanation on this subject, and it is impossible for them to do so. Indeed, the origin of consciousness, the soul that makes human beings human, belongs to Allah. Allah has bestowed this as a blessing from Himself, and in this way has made humans different from all other life forms. The Darwinist deception is speechless and baffled on this matter.

Allah reveals in the Qur’an that He creates man from His own spirit:

He Who has created all things in the best possible way. He commenced the creation of man from clay; then produced his seed from an extract of base fluid; then formed him and breathed His Spirit into him and gave you hearing, sight and hearts. What little thanks you show! (Surat as-Sajda, 7-9)


Random Mutations Destroy Life and Cannot Produce Mutually Compatible Organs

Darwinists maintain that living things evolve as a result of chance mutations and that blind and unconscious mutations gave rise to all the glorious variety of life we see on the Earth today.

This claim represents a serious logical inconsistency.

Mutations are breakages, impairments and displacement as a result of radiation or chemical effects in the DNA in the nucleus of the living cell that contains all its genetic information. NINETY-NINE PERCENT OF ALL MUTATIONS DAMAGE THE ORGANISM while the remaining one percent has no effect at all. NO MUTATION HAS EVER BEEN OBSERVED TO BENEFIT any organism. Moreover,

  • According to Darwinist claims, mutation has to produce changes that are proportional and mutually compatible everywhere in the body.
  • For example, according to evolutionist claims, if an ear formed on the right side through mutation in the manner they suggest, then random mutations must also produce a second, functional ear on the left side, possessed of the same characteristics. The anvil, cup and stirrup must form perfectly in both.
  • Random mutations also have to establish coronary valves on both sides. According to Darwinist claims, mutations would have to produce all the valves in perfect form and exactly the right places, at the same time and in equal harmony.
  • Otherwise there will be a huge imbalance, and the result should be peculiar beings with one upside-down ear, one different tooth, or one eye on the nose and the other in the forehead. But since there is no such imbalance in life, Darwinist claims mean that mutations must produce everything in a perfectly symmetrical and mutually compatible form.
  • But the fact that mutations are 99% deleterious and 1% ineffective makes it impossible for them to be able to produce rational, harmonious and symmetrical organs at exactly the same time.
  • The effect that mutations have on a regular structure is like firing a machine gun at it. Randomly firing at a healthy object will destroy it. The fact that one bullet has no effect, or destroys an infection already existing in the body and thus cures it, does not change anything. The organism has in any case been destroyed by the other 99 bullets that strike it.

Science is anti-Darwinist, anti-atheist

Evolution is a scientific fraud. For many years now, Darwinists have been using science to mislead people over evolution. Yet SCIENCE IS THE ENEMY OF DARWINISM. SCIENCE IS AGAINST ATHEISM. SCIENCE IS ANTI-COMMUNIST, ANTI-MARXIST. SCIENCE DESTROYS THE MARXIST, ATHEIST AND DARWINIST THOUGHT. It is science that has demolished Darwinism. It is science that has dealt Darwinist propaganda the heaviest blow. Science has defeated the evolutionist deceit that people have been indoctrinated with for years. Science has destroyed the foundation of the atheist philosophy. Science annihilates and destroys Darwinism wherever it goes, wherever it becomes a current issue and wherever it shows itself. Therefore, SCIENCE represents ONE OF THE GREATEST TRIBULATIONS FOR DARWINISTS.

It is science that has shown that proteins can never form by chance.

It is science that has revealed the extraordinary world of the cell, and has shown that this could never have simply evolved by chance.

It is science that has shown the fact that more than 350 million fossils that are discovered have never evolved.

It is science that has revealed the complexities in living things and shown that these could never have come into being through evolution.

It is science that has shown that it is impossible for one life form to turn into another.

It is science that has exhibited the glorious fossils of the Cambrian period. Therefore, science itself has provided all the evidence to demolish evolution, and is still continuing to do so. All Darwinist claims have collapsed in the face of science.

Science provides the wondrous conclusion that totally rebuts Darwinists who seek to camouflage their own falsehoods by saying “evolution is science.“ Not only does science serve religion; it also provides evidence of the existence of Almighty Allah. Science is for those who believe in Allah. Science is of use to true believers. This fact has become as the greatest nightmare for the Darwinists in the 21st Century.

Allah is not ashamed to make an example of a gnat, or of an even smaller thing. As for those who believe, they know it is the truth from their Lord. But as for those who disbelieve, they say, ‘What does Allah mean by this example?’ He misguides many by it and guides many by it. But He only misguides the deviators. (Surat al-Baqara, 26)

Mankind! An example has been made, so listen to it carefully. Those whom you call upon besides Allah are not even able to create a single fly, even if they were to join together to do it. And if a fly steals something from them, they cannot get it back. How feeble are both the seeker and the sought! (Surat al-Hajj, 73)

How Did Darwinism Come to Dominate the World?

Darwinist ideology is a deception entirely based on fraud, one so primitive as to maintain that all of life came into being by chance. But despite being so completely irrational, this deception has come to dominate all the countries of the world, their governments, schools, universities, scientific circles, workplaces, newspapers, magazine, radio channels and television stations. It is the Darwinist dictatorship, a cunning and devilish structure, that has caused the fraud of Darwinism to come to dominate the world. This cunning dictatorship that has been at work for the last 150 years, is now having death throes, though its influence still persists.

Micheal Reisss, British Royal Academy Director of Education, was hastily removed from office because he proposed that Creation must also be included in curriculum in schools.

Dr. Gavriel Avital, The Ministry of Education and Chief of Department of Science, was removed from his office due to his written and verbal statements questioning evolution.

The dominion of the Darwinist dictatorship is based on duress, despotism, menace and oppression. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR A PROFESSOR OPPOSED TO EVOLUTION TO TEACH in almost any university in the world. NO PRIME MINISTER IN ANY COUNTRY CAN ANNOUNCE THAT HE IS OPPOSED TO DARWINISM. NO TEACHER CAN TELL HIS STUDENTS THAT EVOLUTION IS A FRAUD, AND STUDENTS CANNOT TELL THEIR TEACHERS THEY DO NOT BELIEVE IN EVOLUTION. Any professor or teacher doing this will be immediately removed from his or her post. A student will fail that particular class. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR AN ANTI-EVOLUTION MINISTER TO REMAIN IN THE GOVERNMENT. Indeed ,almost all the efforts across the world to have the fact of Creation taught alongside evolution in schools HAVE THUS FAR FAILED TO MAKE ANY HEADWAY.

Well known press organizations HAVE TO CARRY REPORTS concerning false fossils as if they were proof of evolution. They have to play their part in this deception, otherwise their publishing careers will come to an end. It is impossible for a scientist or professor whose professional life has come to an end for espousing Creation, or just for referring to a paper about Creation, to find another post. In all probability, such a person will also lose his circle of friends. And it is, of course, literally out of the question for him to find a place in scientific circles ever again.


The method employed is duress, despotism and menace. Because of the threats and despotic policies employed by the Darwinist dictatorship, people have been unable to openly express their opposition to Darwinism, and have even had to role play, up until today. All possible methods are employed to prevent the rejection of Darwinism. Otherwise the supporters of the superstitious faith that is Darwinism would have no means left with which to keep this groundless theory propped up. Lies are told in loud voices, and it is regarded as an offense to regard these as lies. A theory claimed to be scientific when it was launched, has turned into an essentially superstitious dogmatic belief system that has nothing to do with science, a system whose rejection is officially and openly been obstructed. The truly noteworthy thing is how this is done quite blatantly, with no compunction at all.

The theory of evolution, that has inflicted so many disasters upon the world, also seeks to prevent the development of science

MILLIONS OF DOLLARS ARE TODAY CHANNELED TOWARD STUDIES SUPPORTING EVOLUTION. Studying evolution means spending a fortune to manufacture new frauds and disseminate these through the press. This money, that could have been used for scientific progress and advances in the field of medicine, in the treatment of cancer for instance, of Alzheimer’s disease, or that could have been used to save millions of people from dying of famine in Africa, is instead taken away from innocent people and squandered on a fraud.

Evolution, the greatest fraud of the last 150 years, has spread across the world and mass hypnosis been inflicted on people by means of the techniques of the Darwinist dictatorship. As we have seen, Darwinism enjoys global support, not because it is scientific, but because people are forced and conditioned to believe it, and it is jealously protected by the Darwinist dictatorship. People must not be deceived by the fact the majority appear to support this theory because some of these people are unaware that Darwinism is the greatest fraud ever, while others just appear to support Darwinism out of a fear of losing their jobs or attracting hostile criticism. The global dominion and all the rotten foundations of this false theory provided by the DARWINIST DICTATORSHIP, A TOTALLY SATANIC SYSTEM, are one by one being annihilated. By the leave of Allah, the complete elimination of the theory of evolution is now but a matter of time, and not long in coming .

The Atlas of Creation and Darwinists Who Lost Their Beliefs on Their Ideology

When a person in a closed room is told that "it is dark outside" there is a fifty percent probability that he will believe it. But when he sees the Sun outside through a crack there would be no way to convince him that it is dark out there.

Anne Brasseur, a Luxembourgian politician, submitted a report to the European Commission headquartered in Strasbourg, picked the Atlas of Creation up to show it to the assembled journalists and went on to say:

"Harun Yahya is a Muslim, Turkish creationist. This is the first volume. There are two more. It has been sent out to Europe. In two languages, English and French. It says that the theory of evolution is a lie, that Darwinism is the root cause of terror, and that it is responsible for the dictators of the 20th century and the like..."

Darwinists are in exactly the same quandary. For 150 years, Darwinists have shamelessly perpetrated all kinds of fraud disguised as science. They have never felt the slightest shame because they convinced themselves that they could deceive people with these false reports. The lie was repeated with intense indoctrination, visual effects and hypnosis, and thus garnered an astonishing level of support. However, just as everything was going according to the Darwinists’ plans, just when people were falling into a hypnotic trance, just as it was becoming a crime to reject evolution, people suddenly caught a glimpse of the Sun. That Sun was the Atlas of Creation.

With the sudden, global dissemination of the Atlas of Creation it was no longer possible to convince people that evolution existed. Not one single Darwinist could deny the thousands of living fossils portrayed in the Atlas of Creation. In addition, any one of the fossils in this splendid book was more than enough to demolish evolution.

For that reason, the press in France, one of the bastions of Darwinism, was absolutely terrified in the face of the Atlas of Creation, saying things like; “The worst disaster in French history,” “Disaster has rained down from the sky” and “Our hundreds of years of civilization have collapsed.”

The Darwinist European Parliament regarded this magnificent book as the greatest obstacle to the teaching of evolution, and raised the matter in a state of panic; hundreds of Darwinist press organizations were obliged to admit the stunning global impact of the Atlas.

The Atlas of Creation was instrumental in strengthening all believers

Mr. Oktar’s global dissemination of the fact that not even a single protein can form by chance and his proving, with the Atlas of Creation, that millions of life forms have never changed has been the most influential activity to finish off evolution today. Thanks to this enormous success, devout Muslims, Christians and Jews have become able to act freely and have gained self-confidence. Some devout believers, who were previously sullen and defeated in the face of Darwinists, and were literally unable to engage in any activity at all, began gaining strength in the wake of this important work. After Mr. Oktar’s valuable and determined activities aimed at eliminating evolution, IT HAS BECOME POSSIBLE TO HOLD CONFERENCES SETTING OUT THE FRAUDULENT NATURE OF EVOLUTION AND CALLING ON PEOPLE TO BELIEVE IN THE ONENESS OF ALLAH ON U.S. MILITARY BASES, AND TO DECLARE THAT FACT ON BUSES WRITTEN “GOD EXISTS” ON THEIR SIDES MOVING FREELY THROUGH THE STREETS OF LONDON.

In the wake of all these important activities, CONFERENCES ON CREATION attended by thousands of people have been held in Canada, America, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Australia and New Zealand, France, Denmark, Sweden, Indonesia and Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai and many other countries, while television stations and newspapers across the world have referred to these great achievements.

Immediately after this enormous success, some Darwinists lost faith in this superstitious religion. They no longer had the strength to defend this deception they had perpetrated for so many years, or to come up with new falsehoods. DARWINIST JOURNALS HAVE BEEN CLOSING ONE BY ONE, NOT FOR FINANCIAL REASONS, BUT BECAUSE THEY MERELY HAVE LOST FAITH, and are ceasing publication. World-famous Darwinist publications that used to cover claims regarding some new fraud or another on an almost weekly basis ARE NOW UNABLE TO COVER A SINGLE ONE. Darwinist propaganda, Darwinism’s sole source of strength, has quietly come to an end. Darwinists who used to bring evolution up at every opportunity using various propaganda techniques have suddenly fallen silent and are unwilling to be disgraced any more.

Posters on London buses promoting the Atlas of Creation. >>>

Switzerland- Lausanne >>> Switzerland- Lausanne >>>
Germany Luenen >>> France Paris >>>
The medal presented to Mr. Adnan Oktar following the conference held in San Antonio Airbase, USA.

The door to liberation from the scourge of Darwinism is always open

All the superstitious false religions are suffering a terrifying and enormous collapse in the End Times in which we are living, and in which Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will appear. Nobody can stop that collapse. This is the law of Allah. In this age, Allah is bringing about this vast and comprehensive collapse by means of the works of Mr. Oktar. All those people who blindly believed in Darwinism will soon be amazed to realize how they were deceived, while Darwinists will regret the false position in which they find themselves. But it is never too late, of course, and coming to and espousing the truth by admitting one's defeat and mistakes is a great virtue. Therefore, all Darwinists who have become aware of the scourge that Darwinism truly is, of course have the opportunity to correct that terrible error they have devoted their lives, for as long as they live on this earth.