Luray High receives the Virginia Honor Band title

PAGE COUNTY, Virginia (WHSV) –

After years of rehearsal and refinement, the Luray High School Concert Band has become Virginia’s newest Virginia Honor Band. This is a first for Luray High School and even a first for Page County.

To earn this honor, you must score higher in the marching band and band ratings.

This is a huge achievement for the school, especially given the impact of coronavirus on students.

“I can still relive with vividness and honesty the two moments when we obtained the top note in marching band as well as in concert band. It was really surreal. It was sort of the culmination of many years of practice and pushing, not just the students but myself,” said Jake Schupner, the group’s principal at Luray High School.

A few seniors in the group say they are so proud to have been a part of something so special.

“It’s a huge honor because we’ve been going there for 6 years to get a better rating from the band. Finally getting the title means so much because we’re such a big family,” said Luray High senior Lacey Taylor.

“I really want to impress the audience and really bring the show to them. I don’t really care about anybody else, I just want the audience to see more or less that they’re actually doing something with it and taking it somewhere,” said Zachary Petefish, a senior of Luray High.

The backbone of the band, Jake Schupner, says the honor was a long time coming and he’s incredibly proud of the band.

“I always tell kids that it’s not just what you learn about music, it’s also the process and the development of yourself as a musician and a person. It’s always amazing for me to step back and see the evolution of each individual from the start of their high school career to the end. Achieving this milestone for us was especially important for this group,” Schupner said.

Since receiving the honor, Schupner said he has seen a massive increase in interest in joining the band. Mr. Shupner, the orchestra and the boosters plan to participate in outreach activities at elementary and middle schools in Page County to encourage students to develop an interest in music.

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