Stabyl, the app that improves the use of the iPad in cases of Parkinson’s

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Those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease or another type of disease or condition that causes involuntary hand tremors They already have an application that improves their use of the iPad. It’s Stabil.

Stabyl is an exclusive application for Apple iPad

This app was developed in collaboration between the German Parkinson’s Association, the advertising company Havas Creative and patients with Parkinson’s disease from Germany and the United States. For the time being the application is only available for the Apple iPaddiscontinue versions of its iPadOS 14 and higher operating system, but its creators assure that they continue to work to make it reach other digital platforms in the future.

Eric Schoeffler, creative director of Havas in Germany explains that Stabyl “is not a medicine or a cure but a technical solution which can facilitate access to the digital world for people with Parkinson’s disease and involuntary hand tremors.

There are more and more solutions to enable the use of technological devices for people with reduced mobility, which includes driving via voice instructions, beyond the development of intelligent assistants. With apps like Stabyl, progress is being made in this direction, making it easier to use the iPad thanks, among other things, to the use of accelerometers.

These sensors, which detect movement of the iPad, are used to calculate if the device is shaken due to involuntary hand tremors, generating a response in the form of movement of what appears on the screen in the opposite direction, thus neutralizing the oscillation. This allows the user to see what is displayed on the screen fully stabilized.

In addition, and to avoid problems handling the touch screen buttons, Stabyl change buttons, switches and scrollbars for bigger ones that facilitate its use by simplifying the gestures, which can also be configured in a personalized way to adapt to the evolution of the tremors, since these can vary throughout the day.


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