Steve Stevens suggests the Deadland ritual ended when ‘reality struck’

While the members of the Deadland Ritual supergroup seem to be eyeing their collaboration with emotion, it appears the short-lived supergroup has come to an end. Appearing on Eddie Trunk Nation trunk On the Sirius XM show, guitarist Steve Stevens reflected on the experience and why he thinks things haven’t turned out for the long term.

Stevens was asked about the group, which also included Apocalyptica frontman Franky Perez, Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler and former Guns N ‘Roses and Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorum. He told Trunk (as transcribed by Blabbermouth), “I think it’s done, although there has been a lot of material that has been written that I hope will see the light of day in some form or another. I’m still friendly with all of these guys. “

As to why the band quit after releasing just two songs, Stevens added that he felt a dose of reality hit the band as they started promoting their music. “It was really tough. We were just about to sign a deal. We went out and toured in Europe. We’re all seasoned musicians and got used to a certain lifestyle, and here we had to open up.” , said the guitarist.

He continued, “We did a number of festival dates and little club dates. Initially everyone said they were ready to do it, ready to go into the trenches. hit and there was crappy food and crappy hotels and stuff like that, I think people just lost interest. “

That said, Stevens said that musically things are definitely clicking. “From day one of rehearsal, to come in there and play against the sound of Geezer Butler, man, I would have paid just to be there. Amazing. For bass players to have such a unique and profound influence on the music, those records and that sound that I grew up with, and there I’m playing against, the hairs stood on my fucking arms, “Stevens said. “I mean, it was amazing. [he’s] such a gentleman. And the rhythm section between him and Matt was undeniable. “

Stevens is not the only member of the group to suggest the disappearance of the supergroup. In March 2021, Geezer Butler also suggested that the group might not return after the pandemic as members had moved on. At the time, Butler added that he “might save” some of the material for a solo album.

During their brief tenure, the band released the singles “Down in Flames” and “Broken and Bruised”.

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