Waze Dark Mode Glitch Goes Into CarPlay Without Radar Fix

While Waze has become a go-to navigation solution for millions of drivers, it’s not necessarily a secret that many have struggled with certain features in recent times.

The experience on CarPlay, for example, left a lot to be desired, especially with an issue that breaks audio controls even when the app is not running.

Earlier this month, however, we noticed another issue in Waze on CarPlay, this time affecting the app’s dark mode. A handful of users explained that Dark Mode no longer worked on CarPlay regardless of the settings, and at first it was believed that an iOS update was the culprit.

But now it turns out that the problem is spreading, with more and more users turning to Google’s forums to report what they believe is a dark mode issue caused by Waze itself.

Same problem here. During the day in CarPlay, the Waze map always goes into clear mode no matter what since the last Waze update. I checked my settings and everything is set in Waze and CarPlay in dark mode,Someone explains.

At this point, it’s still unclear who is to blame, especially since the issue was first reported after a recent iOS software update.

If anything, it’s possible that the issue is caused by a compatibility error between Waze and the latest version of the iPhone’s operating system, in which case an app update should be released by the. company owned by Google to solve the whole thing.

Unfortunately, Waze hasn’t necessarily been very keen on fixing the issues reported on CarPlay lately. The most recent update for the iOS version of the app landed in mid-November, so there’s a chance the next version won’t see the light of day until January 2022. And worse, no one knows if a fix for this widespread problem is expected to resolve whether or not it is included.

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