6 Best Things About Batman (& 4 Worst)

There have been a few different movie versions of the Dark Knight over the years. Director Matt Reeves brought the last capped Crusader to the big screen in 2022 The Batman. The film rebooted the character and explored his second year as a costumed vigilante as he attempted to protect his corrupt town from a serial killer.

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The film caused quite a bit of debate among fans. Some have declared him the best Batman yet, while others point out a few of the film’s problems. Taking a look at the best and worst things the latest adaptation accomplished will help weigh in on the ongoing debate over The Batman. [Note: Spoilers for The Batman will follow].

ten Best: Bruce Wayne’s inner monologue provided in his diary

The Gotham Project Diary of The Batman

The Batman began in the mind of Bruce Wayne as he detailed his thoughts on his mission, which were eventually revealed in the form of his diary entries. The diary was titled “The Gotham Project” and served as a glimpse into the spirit of the vigilante and the desperation he felt in his new role.

The interior monologue quickly brought viewers into the character’s mindset and made the connection to the Dark Knight more personal than previous big-screen Batman adaptations. He also provided a little insight into Wayne’s designs for the still-in-progress battlesuit.

9 Worst: Fans wanted more from Alfred, who was sidelined early

Andy Serkis was the latest actor to portray Bruce Wayne’s closest ally, Alfred Pennyworth. His interpretation of the character is inspired by the modern style Batman: Earth 1 continuity, which was also exploited for the backstory of Thomas and Martha Wayne, who ended up playing a significant role in The Batmanis the general mystery.

Serkis’ performance as Alfred was a favorite part of the film. His injury in the film, which ultimately knocked him out of the film, left fans upset, who were hoping to see more of the new version of the character.

8 Best: Gotham City was fully realized but clearly in trouble

When Batman is brought to the big screen, it’s not just the character that comes to life, but also Gotham City. The Batman featured a fully realized Gotham City that seemed to be filled with crime and battling corruption that threatened to bankrupt the city and its people.

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While other versions of Gotham City in movies have been dark and gothic or bright and realistic, The Batman focused on presenting Gotham City as a beautiful, growing city that fell, leaving behind unfinished skyscrapers and treacherous alleyways that needed both Bruce Wayne and Batman to raise it back up.

7 Worst: Batman’s Wingsuit Escape didn’t quite match his usual arsenal

Batman using his wingsuit

A moment of The Batman this caused a bit of a discussion among fans when the vigilante attempted to escape from police custody, which landed him on the roof of the GCPD building. He quickly transformed his cape and costume into a makeshift wingsuit which he used to fly out of the building, crashing to the ground below in a failed landing.

The wingsuit’s design didn’t quite match the advanced level of its other technology, nor its usual bat theme. It could also have resulted in his death instead of allowing him to escape, which made the use and design of the wingsuit more of a cautionary tale than a viable escape plan.

6 Best: The villains were well developed and helped drive the story

While The BatmanGotham’s main villain was the serial killer known as The Riddler, who staged his murders and clues in an effort to unmask the truth behind Gotham City’s corruption. A few other villains also appeared. However, they weren’t included just to add more villains and were, for the most part, integral to the plot and helped drive the story.

Carmine Falcone and The Penguin were the main players in the mystery, while Catwoman showed Batman he wasn’t alone in his fight. The film also teased a few other villains without cluttering up the plot, teasing a bright future for The Batman franchise.

5 Best: Batman’s evolution from revenge to true hero

Batman's evolution from revenge to hero

Batman was struggling in his role as the protector of Gotham City in The Batman, as he wasn’t even sure he would make a difference after a whole year of fighting crime. The running joke of The Batman saw the dark knight called “Vengeance”. this was due to his own claim to the title as well as what drove him after the death of his parents.

However, The Batman excelled at showing audiences how unhelpful his revenge was. It was his ability to be a beacon of hope as a hero of Gotham City that would allow him to save more lives and bring about the changes he hoped to see in his city.

4 Worst: Final battle with Riddler’s army felt anti-climactic

Members of Riddler's Army from The Batman

One of the biggest complaints among fans of The Batman was how the final battle with the Riddler’s armed army of online trolls felt a little anti-climactic, given that Batman and The Riddler’s final showdown happened much earlier. It didn’t fit the typical climactic battle scene between hero and villain that fans are used to seeing on the big screen.

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Of course, that exact point is why other fans felt it was a brilliant ending that helped separate the film from other superhero films, while refocusing on Batman’s own evolution in as a hero. Fans might have wanted to see more clashes between Batman and the Riddler, but it still worked out overall.

3 Best: The score and music added perfectly to the tone of the film

batman batmobile silhouette

Michael Giacchino composed the music for the 2022s The Batman, which served to elevate the film and increase tension where needed. Sounds of horror permeated the film’s darker moments, making Riddler’s murders or Batman’s encounters with criminals even more tense than normal.

Additionally, Nirvana’s use of “Something in the Way” throughout the film – both in the original song and in slowed-down cues throughout – kept fans on the edge of their seats as much than the plot or the action in the film. movie.

2 Worst: Batman and Catwoman’s Motorcycle Dance Was Nerdy

Selina and Bruce in the rain from The Batman

The Batman also focused on the developing relationship between Batman and Catwoman: two vigilantes with different goals who found themselves drawn to each other while investigating clues from The Riddler and Falcone’s own criminal organization.

The film’s finale saw them go their separate ways as Catwoman heads to Blüdhaven and Batman once again devotes his efforts to Gotham City. Unfortunately, the couple performing a dance as one moved past and back was just a tad too cheesy for what had been a dramatic, action-packed movie up until that point.

1 Best: The new costume and the Batmobile helped make this release unique

One of the biggest differences regarding the version of Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight that appeared in The Batman is the costume, which featured a unique design that included a raised collar as well as a newly designed bat symbol. The unique bat insignia that rested on Batman’s chest was actually made from the weapon that killed his parents and served dual purposes as a Batarang.

His Batmobile was also a new version of the iconic car, because The BatmanThe supercharged Batmobile from featured a streamlined design that was reminiscent of classic versions of the car seen on the big screen (and even the Batman TV series) while staying fresh.

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