A feature of Google Maps that Android Auto needs here and now

On Android Auto, for example, some users are sticking with Waze, just because they want to rely on the crowdsourcing engine that comes with the app to beat traffic jams in their areas.

In other words, Google Maps is indeed a valid solution, but on the other hand, people need to be able to choose if they don’t want to use it.

Most likely, you can already figure out where this is going. Google Maps is often the recommended choice for Android Auto users, and what’s more, it even launches automatically when the mobile device is connected to a car’s head unit.

Here is how it all works.

When your Android device, regardless of make or model, is plugged into your car’s USB port and Android Auto starts up, Google Maps will also charge automatically. Whether you like it or not, that is, the navigation app appears on the screen, all in an effort to make the experience easier.

However, this does not happen for everyone and sometimes it depends on what apps you left running before disconnecting the mobile device. If you were browsing with Waze and unplug the phone, the next time you connect it to the main unit, Android Auto should resume the previous session.

Bad news

The automatic launch of Google Maps on Android Auto has long been a major drawback for people who just wanted to listen to music while driving or make a quick phone call.

A discussion thread on Google’s forums first reported the lack of an option to prevent Google Maps from working automatically in 2019. And since then the thread has grown and grown, so right now it has almost 500 upvotes and over 150 responses from other users struggling with it all.

Two and a half years later, the same behavior is still happening on Android Auto, with users explaining that they don’t always want to use Google Maps but listen to music or make a phone call.

Obviously, there is no known workaround other than disabling the Google Maps service on the mobile device, in which case Android Auto may not work at all because it needs location services as well.

The good news

On the flip side, in September 2021, Google confirmed that it was working on a way to let users decide which apps they want to launch when Android Auto charges in a car.

In theory, the Mountain View-based search giant is developing a switch that will allow anyone who uses Android Auto to simply choose which apps they want to automatically load each time they connect their mobile devices to the main unit. their car, either wirelessly. or with a cable.

Nonetheless, the company has not provided an ETA as to when this option might go live for users, so at the present time many people are still struggling with a setup that should not under any circumstances. be applied in the car.

2022 could be the year of change for Android Auto, especially since Google has already promised a series of big updates, including dual-SIM support. Many of these improvements are based on user feedback, so in theory the auto-launch configuration setting should be brought online as part of these releases as well.

At this point, however, Google is still tight-lipped on an ETA regarding the debut of this highly anticipated option. A new Android Auto update is expected to go live in the coming weeks (before the end of January), so let’s keep our fingers crossed to include some really useful new features.

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