Al Schmitt’s gear collection auctioned online via ANALOGr

The recording equipment of the late and legendary sound engineer Al Schmitt is currently being auctioned online by the global music industry marketplace ANALOGr.

Posted: 07/18/2022

Al Schmitt in 1993, at the Capitol fresco. PHOTO: David Goggins.

Los Angeles, CA (July 18, 2022): Global Music Industry Marketplace ANALOGlaunched in 2021, oversees the online auction of recording gear from the estate of legendary engineer and mixer Al Schmitt, who died in 2021.

The most prized items from Schmitt’s collection ever sold were a pair of vintage Neumann U67 condenser microphones with wooden cases, shock mounts and power supplies. The first of the U67s has a Klaus Heyne modification and was previously owned by Schmitt’s longtime friend and producer, Tommy LiPuma. The second was a microphone originating from Blackbird Studios in Nashville. These two historic U67s have been a mainstay on many Schmitt records, from Bob Dylan and Diana Krall to Natalie Cole’s “Unforgettable.”

With 23 Grammy Awards and over 150 gold and platinum albums, Schmitt was the most honored and celebrated engineer/producer in recorded music history. Close friend and fellow engineer/mixer Niko Bolas said, “Al was a master recording artist, a mentor and inspiration to many, but working alone with him I realized that every day he loved the work and was always exploring. I am very pleased with the way Thomas Scriven and ANALOGr are handling this auction with care and responsibility. Al wanted his equipment to be put to good use and continue to make memorable music.

Thomas Scriven, co-founder and CEO of ANALOGr, explained, “I started out myself as a musician, then a collector of special items that I found unique, special, or just fun to own. I learned the hard way by dealing with all kinds of collectors and auction houses.Our company is a wealth management firm working closely and in partnership with our clients in respect of their archival value.

Schmitt’s longtime friend and collaborator Steve Genewick commented, “Al worked in the recording industry at a time of great change and technological advancement. He started in the mono era, sometimes working with a single microphone, where he became a master at capturing the power and intricacies of musical performance. There’s no way I can explain everything I learned from him.

“Al Schmitt’s discography is breathtaking,” added drummer Vinnie Colaiuta. “His skills in the studio as a recording engineer and mixer were simply fascinating, day after day, album after album, but he was a man who was always very sensitive to artists and their dreams, treating everyone with the same care and respect.”

Schmitt was a co-founder of the METAlliance (Music Engineering & Technology Alliance), comprised of globally recognized, award-winning sound engineers and producers who have been deeply involved in establishing techniques and technical standards that are the foundation of modern music recording. Schmitt’s work in the studio was captured in a documentary, The art of recording a big band: Al Schmitt; in his autobiography, Al Schmitt on the disc, the magic behind the music; and in METAlliance Academy books, including Al Schmitt on vocal and instrumental recording techniques.

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