Black Friday 2021 price comparison: the best websites and apps to compare deals

As in 2020, we are living an atypical year. And while in theory we could relax a bit – error, the pandemic is still here – some websites have mixed up Singles Day, Black Friday, and Cyber ​​Monday, with pre-Black Friday deals. until reaching this week, Thursday 25, which will mark Black Friday 2020.

And while many started last Friday, other websites, platforms, stores, and malls have started (or will start) this week with discounts and deals. Going through them one by one is really impossible, and it’s easy to believe that you got a good offer when elsewhere it turns out to be better. For this, we offer you these price comparators, whether via web pages or mobile applications:

Applications to find and compare offers

Idéalo – Price comparison

To recognize good deals, it helps to consult tools such as the price history of the product you are interested in. that will allow you to see how the price of each product has changed over the past year And based on the fluctuations and the current trend, you can see when is the best time to buy. And most importantly, if it’s worth it on Black Friday because there’s a great discount or you’re already waiting for the post-Christmas sales.

This is what the Idéalo comparator application does, which has a price history, and if you are looking for something like a Nintendo Switch console for example, you will see the evolution of its price and where it is cheaper.

Download Identify It Android App Price Comparison

Download the Idéalo iOS Price Comparison app


Among the top rated, Ofertia is an application that covers a broad spectrum and allows vConsult the catalogs and brochures of nearly 100,000 stores without having to have any papers at home. From neighborhood stores, supermarkets, home or electronics catalogs to the most popular stores, such as:

  • crossroads
  • Mercadona
  • Decathlon
  • Primark
  • The English Court
  • IKEA
  • Media market
  • Leroy Merlin
  • Day
  • Aldi
  • H&M
  • Hypercor
  • Brico Depot
  • Mango
  • Caprabo
  • Claire
  • At the field
  • Bricomart
  • Words
  • who
  • Lidl
  • Macro
  • Dia’s place
  • Mermaid

The best thing is that if we are interested in a particular offer, the app itself it will remind us if it is about to expire.

Download Offertia for Android

Download Offertia for iOS


This app with a funny name allows its users to see offers not only in specific campaigns such as Amazon Prime or Chinese Singles Day, but every day even if we are outside the different annual shopping seasons until a maximum of 90% reduction.

Enchollados shows discounts on the latest trends in fashion, electronics, home, cooking, pets, sports nutrition, etc. always at the best price in seconds. And you can find discounts at stores like Amazon, Rakuten, Gearbest, eBay, Aliexpress, Prozis, etc. and the best brands: Nike, Adidas, Levis, Desigual, Samsung, apple, Lg, Roomba, Puma, Dockers, Vans, Skechers, Asics, Ray-Ban, Sony, Bq and GoPro, Among others.

Download Enchollados for Android

Discount calculator

Great for avoiding wasting so many percent discount labels, with this app when you go shopping you won’t have to ask for the discounted price or calculate it anymore, you just have to enter the discount and sale price, and the app will show you the discounted price.

The app also lets you set a value for taxes, so if the price is exclusive of tax, you won’t have to calculate it, just enter the tax percentage.

Download Discount Calculator for Android

Online comparators focused on Amazon and eBay

To save money

One of the most used and preferred users of users, Savemoney is the type of comparator that gives you information in a quick and concise way. I’m just looking for an item right away The price in Spain appears as a column first and then the prices on the webs Amazon around the world, from Spain to Canada, whether they are cheaper or a little more expensive, as well as whether they have shipping cost or not. And each price is also a link that takes you directly to the Amazon division product of your choice.

The best thing is if we are Premium we can search for items which only have this shipping method. Here you have a direct looking example of the Nintendo Switch Oled released last month.c


Ideal for seeing at a glance whether a product that we it is cheaper sold by Amazon itself or by hundreds of third party sellers that the platform owns, CamelCamelCamel shows us in a list by country the price of the item and the ups and downs it has had. By itself we only see it in one territory at a time, but just by tapping on a link we will change the territory, from Amazon UK to Spain, from Amazon It to Japan, and we will be able to see if it is cheaper somewhere or another.

If you sign up, it offers you additional services like price drop notices or browser extensions, but the comparator itself can be used as soon as you enter. See how it works with this sample search for one of the year’s most searched mobiles, the iPhone 13.

Offer showroom

One space we recommend is the AS Vertical Showroom, a product and service recommender that takes on greater importance during these days. As of last week, offers that appear on different websites, stores and products have been monitored, from Amazon’s Black Friday to the so-called Black Week in general, electronics, fashion, restaurants and more.


If what we want is to simplify the process of finding offers and discounts for Black Friday, there are pages like Discounts THE COUNTRY, which group together the promotions of online stores of major brands of sportswear, accessories, technology and leisure, Among others. It is no longer necessary to spend hours browsing different web pages to find the best discounts.

Practical and easy to use, the products and services offered they are purchased directly on the web that offers them. Just choose an offer on the EL PAÍS Discounts site and access it, select the promotional code that best suits our needs, copy it and apply it before making the purchase. We will see that the final price drops significantly.

Disclaimer: This article is generated from the feed and not edited by our team.

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