BMW launches OTA software update for vehicles equipped with iDrive7

Earlier this year, in February, BMW offered a live update to over one million vehicles, and brought Amazon Alexa to those vehicles. As usual, not all such updates will go to all BMW models in all markets, which is why this article will focus on those sold in the North American market.

Some BMW models sold in other markets may get some of these features with the update when it becomes available to them, but if some features are not available in your market, adding this update will not work. not by magic. For example, BMW implemented the SiriusXM Pandora Artists stations with the new update. If you don’t have SiriusXM coverage in your country, this update won’t work wonders.

Now, getting back to the update, know that BMW has improved its lane departure warning feature. The latter will “know” if it is on a narrow road without central markings and will automatically suppress the intervention of the management.

This means that vehicles will no longer attempt to steer in the middle of a two-lane road without central markings. Thus, drivers will no longer have to deactivate the system if they have encountered such interventions in the past.

In addition, BMW Maps Real-Time Traffic Information (RTTI) can now process congestion data on cornering lanes, which means more accurate prediction of arrival time, as well as routing. optimized. This only works if you are using the vehicle’s in-vehicle navigation system instead of Waze, Apple Maps, or Google Maps.

BMW drivers equipped with Android smartphones will be happy to learn that an advanced volume control feature has been implemented to work when their devices are connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth. The idea is that the seemingly minor update will deliver an improved sound experience when streaming music or podcasts.

In addition, some Android devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S21 and the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, will be able to support the second generation BMW digital key. The latter is available as an option for almost all new BMW models, so it’s a big update.

Spotify and Pandora users will enjoy better integration of these apps into the BMW Connected Music app. All BMW MY2022 and later models equipped with SiriusXM with 360L will receive Pandora stations, but the feature will be available for vehicles equipped with SiriusXM 360L when ordered.

If you are not a user of these apps, don’t pout, as you may change your preferences in the future. The update process requires user intervention, and that is how it is done.

Meanwhile, BMW M3 and M4 model owners will be able to configure the sounds they hear when starting the engine, as well as the sound that is heard when gears are changed on their eight-speed M Steptronic transmissions. With the use of the sound control button, a quieter driving mode can be selected.

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