COFE APP acquires Saudi online coffee ordering platform “Kaffeen”

KSA: COFE App, the online coffee marketplace recently announced the acquisition of Kaffeen (Bean Creator IT), a popular online coffee ordering platform from KSA. Founded in 2018 by brothers Hassan & Hashem Aljawad. Kaffeen has focused on simplifying the ordering and payment process for in-store customers, allowing them to shorten the distance between themselves and their daily cup of tea through counter pickup services. Much like COFE’s own philosophy of helping people spend more time with their coffee instead of waiting for it, Kaffeen since its inception has managed to create a loyal following among coffee lovers across the Kingdom.

Following the acquisition of Sippy in January this year, the acquisition of Kaffeen is the result of an in-depth study of the e-commerce market, its direction and the impact of the pandemic on consumer behavior. . Convenience through e-commerce being one of the top trends emerging from the pandemic, according to KPMG’s Coffee in 2021 report “Prepare for Takeoff” – consumers appreciate the need for convenience given health concerns and standards of social distancing, which although lax as we enter a post-COVID world are enduring trends in consumer evolution.

“For COFE, we have always sought to create a collaborative ecosystem and our acquisition of Kaffeen is a further step in this direction. We want to work with people who have a vision to change the way people access their coffee around the world, and that passion is very strong with Kaffeen co-founders Hassan & Hashem Aljawad. With Kaffeen’s expertise and market experience on board, we are sure to reach even more coffee lovers across Saudi Arabia and beyond,” said Ali Al Ebrahim, Founder and CEO of COFE App.

With pickup already being a key part of the bouquet of services offered by COFE, since its inception, it was only natural for the brand to join forces with Kaffeen, reaching an even wider audience, especially those in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. . . The acquisition will further facilitate COFE’s ambitious growth strategy as the startup continues to expand its presence in the region.

Commenting on the acquisition, Kaffeen co-founder Hassan Aljawad said, “We started Kaffeen with a mission to disrupt the online coffee market, and partnering with COFE I think is the next step. logic when it comes to bringing our mission to fruition. We are extremely excited about this acquisition and look forward to seeing us grow more and more together. »

The acquisition of Kaffeen and Sippy Beans in the first quarter of 2022 is a strong indicator that COFE is looking to strengthen its reach in the region, before proceeding with its expansion first in Egypt and then abroad later this year.


About COFE

Founded by Ali Al-Ebrahim, COFE App currently operates in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Turkey, with further international expansion underway. The platform, which ranked among the top five startups in the technology innovation category at the London Coffee Shop Innovation Expo, has gone from strength to strength since its official launch in November 2018 and has completed a series funding round. B in April 2021. , raising $10 million.

COFE App is a state-of-the-art coffee-centric app that provides quick access to a wide range of

international coffee franchises and artisanal coffee brands through multiple premium services and features on a single platform.

The COFE app is available on App Store and Google Play Store.


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