Don’t update your iPhone if you use CarPlay, Google Maps, and Waze while driving

In practice, however, rushing to install a new version of software is often a risky choice, mainly due to poor quality assurance that ends up turning an update into a roller coaster ride for some.

iOS 15.2, for example, was released a few days ago with much fanfare for Apple users, bringing many new features and improvements to the experience not only with the iPhone but also with CarPlay.

And yet, that doesn’t necessarily mean everything worked exactly as expected, and if you haven’t installed the update on your smartphone yet, you should think twice before doing so.

Indeed, iOS 15.2 seems to cause new problems on CarPlay, and this time, it is not only an application that is impacted.

Earlier today, I noticed that Google Maps sometimes freezes while providing navigation tips on CarPlay, and trying to force quit the app on my iPhone, everything is back to normal. This happened because I debugged the app on the smartphone, so the problem was pretty obvious.

At some point after the iPhone enters a locked state, Google Maps crashes, preventing navigation from updating the location.

Now I see more people complaining about the same, not just with Google Maps, but also with Waze and other apps. At first glance, everything seems to be caused by iOS 15.2, so in theory the OS is the one that needs a fix this time around.

Interestingly, most of the users claim that unlocking their iPhone and debugging apps also allows them to work well on CarPlay. Of course, it’s not necessarily very convenient, but it’s about the only way to solve this problem at the moment.

Apple has obviously been quiet about this new fight, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that more information on this front emerges sooner rather than later.

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