Driver gets stuck on tram tracks because that’s where a navigation app told him to go

Just when you think most people already know that trusting a navigation app blindly is a big no-no, here is the case of a Briton who tried to drive on the tram lane because it is where satellite navigation told them to go.

As inconvenient as it may sound, the driver of the car you see in this photo thought it was a good idea to bring the vehicle onto the streetcar tracks in New Islington, just to use the shortest route offered. by a navigation application.

Great Manchester Police have confirmed the incident was caused by someone over-relying on a satellite navigation system, explaining that emergency crews were working to free the vehicle.

In contrast, the Ashton Line streetcars were delayed until the vehicle was pulled from the tracks.

While incidents like this do occur occasionally, it should be noted that in 99% of cases, navigation applications should never send a driver onto the tram tracks. Unless the route the driver was supposed to use only followed the tracks, in which case the navigation app cannot be faulted anyway.

But at the same time, even if a satellite navigation system has a problem and ends up sending drivers to a place where they shouldn’t be, you really don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that something is wrong. thing is wrong. And of course, nothing a navigation app offers should be taken for granted anyway.

It’s indeed embarrassing to get your car stuck on the streetcar tracks, but it’s still not the worst thing that can happen if you blindly trust a navigation app. Last year, a young Russian driver and a friend got stranded in extremely cold weather after following a suggested route on Google Maps.

The car got stuck in the snow and the driver eventually froze to death, while the passenger wound up in hospital with serious injuries.

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