Google reveals how many people are using Android Auto these days

Android Auto and CarPlay have become indispensable tools in the technological arsenal of many modern drivers and given that everyone has a phone in their pocket, it goes without saying that their adoption is increasing as well.

On the other hand, it is difficult to estimate how many people actually use Android Auto and CarPlay, as the download figures published on the Google Play Store are not an accurate indicator in this regard, especially since a device can install the app multiple times.

Google, however, has finally shared some adoption numbers for Android Auto, revealing how many people are using its app while driving.

There are currently 150 million cars equipped with Android Auto, although Google has not provided any further details on this figure.

In theory, Google is probably referring to newer models that have Android Auto out of the box, but on the other hand, there are plenty of ways to use the app in older cars as well. One of the most popular is the head unit upgrade, as installing a new receiver in just about any car allows Android Auto to run on a cord or wirelessly.

Previous figures revealed by Google regarding the adoption of Android Auto indicated that more than 100 million cars were equipped with the wireless version of the app. Indeed, Google recalls that most new cars are equipped with Android Auto wireless, but the figure of 150 million seems to include both versions of the application.

While the adoption of Android Auto is growing, Google is also investing heavily in Android Automotive.

Compared to Android Auto, Android Automotive is installed at the hardware level, so it does not require a mobile phone to power the driving experience. Android Automotive is a continuously growing platform, so earlier this week the company announced that YouTube also becomes available for this operating system when the car is parked.

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