‘Gym Lips’ is TikTok’s latest surprisingly attractive beauty trend

If you’re on TikTok beauty, you’ll know that a viral tutorial has the power to spark global excitement and sell shelves of products. As the cycle of online trends keeps turning, this week another trend is going viral: “gym lips.” The new term, coined by New York makeup artist Kelli Anne Sewell, describes the age-old practice of applying better-looking, longer-lasting lip color. In this case, it involves covering your lips with a lip liner of a shade similar to your natural lip color, filling in your lips with the same color, and then applying a moisturizing lip balm by -above.

Sewell first shared her favorite “gym lip” combination on Instagram, then took to TikTok to get involved. “Gym lips can be our secret club,” she wrote on a video of herself on her way to the gym. Sewell said her favorite lip liner was Kevyn Aucoin’s Unforgettable Lip Pencil in Divine or Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Pencil in Hazelnut. “You look like you’re not wearing any makeup, but you just have plump, juicy lips,” she said in a recent video.

Sewell admits the gym lip trend is “not to reinvent the wheel,” but the idea and its cute name catch on regardless. “I realize that a lip liner and treatment isn’t futuristic, but I think it’s a fun name for very no-makeup makeup,” she said. A number of creatives on the app agree, with the hashtag #GymLips already having 429.8k views on the app (and counting) with videos of people trying to find their best lip liner and lipstick combo. natural treatment.

While Sewell originally called the trend “gym lips” because it was a running joke with her friends that every time she went to the gym she would highlight her lips and brush her eyebrows, she says it is also versatile. “You can wear it at the airport or running errands, wherever you want,” she said.

Unlike many TikTok trends, “Gym Lips” also doesn’t force you to buy a specific product (so there’s no chance it will sell out) and instead encourages you to find your natural lip shade. and moisturizing balm that suits you best. Chances are you already have one. So whether you decide to wear this liner to the gym or out with friends (or both) is up to you. Either way, your lips will thank you for the extra TLC.

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