Hafele modernizes home security solutions and introduces digital locks

New Delhi [India], June 17 (ANI/GPRC): Over the years, changing lifestyles have demanded more from traditional locks than just home security. People today want smarter, more convenient options for managing access to their homes – it’s no longer a question of who stays out of the house, but who can be allowed in.

As we head into the future, Hafele introduces its new digital home security solutions that bring you the most advanced technologies in digital access modes, security features, convenience settings and more; attempt to provoke serious thought about not only home security, but also how easily your daily interactions with the door can be facilitated. These solutions from Hafele allow you to control the multidimensional aspects of home access through a single locking device, according to your specific lifestyle and at your convenience. So it’s time to make the switch to a smarter way of life – it’s time to ‘reinvent access’!

The new digital locks – RE-Inforce, RE-Inspire, RE-Push, RE-Split and RE-Twist – give you a contemporary design, advanced features, easy access and control via a mobile application giving you a solution of security at your fingertips. REINFORCE – Because the combination of impeccable features and harmonious aesthetics is hard to find and even harder to ignore.

Classic design, multiple access modes: increase security with this elegant all-in-one digital lock. With multiple access options and a flush body that appears forged from black glass, this lock offers superior functionality and sophisticated aesthetics. Easy to use and set up (with an option to operate via the Hafele Smart Living app), the lock offers access by fingerprint, RFID card, password and via the mobile app. Offering high security, the lock protects the door within 3 seconds of being closed and offers a heavy duty deadbolt connection ensuring maximum security. RE-INSPIRE – Because simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!

Sleek, solid design combined with innovative technology: Characterized by smooth, minimalist lines, Hafele’s RE-Inspire makes achieving 100% reliable security as easy as breathing. The main access modes – keypad, RFID and fingerprint – are complemented by smart and innovative technologies such as Bluetooth-enabled access (via the Hafele Smart Lock mobile app) and Smart Home integration (via the Z module -wave). You can pick and choose the level of security you desire using one or more modes to keep your home and loved ones safe. Wrapped in rich copper and black finishes, RE-Inspire combines safety and aesthetics simultaneously. RE-PUSH – Because your home security should be simple yet chic!

Sleek design, optimal functionality and effortless operation in one solution: Effectively integrating smart ergonomics and technology, Hafele’s RE-Push digital lock cuts a clean silhouette, wrapped in a sleek and stylish design, and offers a host of features that improve the security of your home. exponentially. The key principle behind RE-Push is its convenient operation; whether it’s the easy-to-hold raised handle to open the door with a swing or the management and control of the lock via the integrated Z-Wave module for smart home connectivity. For complete security, the lock comes with four additional access modes: keypad, RFID, fingerprint and Bluetooth access (using the Hafele Smart Lock mobile app). RE-SPLIT – Because big things (or should we say technology) often come in small packages.

Advanced functionality, minimalist aesthetics: RE-Split successfully unites the functionality of the lock and handle in a single body, enhancing the door design with an elegant aesthetic. This lock offers access via several modes – password, fingerprint and integrated Bluetooth key and is suitable for installation on interior and exterior doors in various settings. RE-Split succeeds in capturing technological advances that allow it to provide more compact solutions with contemporary features. In addition, this lock can be operated and managed via the “Hafele Smart Living” mobile app. It works on Bluetooth technology and allows you to define multiple access possibilities for yourself as well as your visitors through different password configurations on your mobile device. RE-TWIST – Because your door requires a complete security solution.

CONTEMPORARY DESIGN LOADED WITH FEATURES: Hafele’s RE-Twist digital lock with its curvy design, which encapsulates many features and offers an attractive touch to your door’s aesthetics. Loaded with intelligent security elements such as automatic locking and manual security locking accessible from the inside, RE-Twist guarantees maximum security. It also includes the functionality of a doorbell within the lock body – eliminating the need to install a separate doorbell module. Additionally, it comes with multiple access modes making door operations easy and adaptable.

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