How the Jurassic World Evolution game reunited the cast of the original film


We tried so hard to try to have time in their schedule in between as they are always very busy people. Even just with Jeff, his schedule, there are so many things like jazz, or being on the BBC, or doing whatever, being in real movies – it’s ridiculous. And Sam is in New Zealand doing his own thing. It was really difficult to bring them all together. We were so close – I think one day we had Jeff, then Laura the next day. But we just couldn’t get one of them together in one room. We tried so hard because we wanted to do something – it’s better to get them all recorded together. We have tried so hard for months to try to do it. Sometimes it just doesn’t work. We’re sad we didn’t do it, but it’s been so good, because what we’re doing is recording a [actor] and then we play those sessions to others. We try to pretend as much as possible as if they were in the room.

It’s like, with Jeff in particular, you can write a line for him but you can never really explain the way he’s going to say it. Is it correct?

Jeff has a great personality and it shows in what he brings as Ian Malcolm. We found with Evolution of the Jurassic World that he brings his own “Jeff” to the character, which is great, because it always creates such great content. You hear him in the stuff he delivers: he brings that wit, that sarcasm, and that tone to it. Everything is so Jeff Goldblum, and that’s really good.

You also mentioned that this is an original story that takes place after the original film. Do you have to worry about things like the wider barrel, or are you on your own?

Type of. So with Evolution of the Jurassic World, we’ve always had this… the term we always use is “weird side timeline.” Because we are not one Jurassic World cannon game, because obviously the events of Jurassic World happen on Nublar, and in the game it’s one of the islands you build on. You build on the five. So we’ve kind of kept everything a little different, but we’re using the characters and some of the story rhythms in the narrative. We do our own thing with it, like with Doctor Henry Wu, we did our own thing that is not considered a movie canon.

There are conversations, but we want to make an original story because it gives us all the freedom. One of the key parts of a park builder is building a park, and with Jurassic Park we wanted to be able to give players the ability to build Jurassic Park, fill that out, and actually do it. And we realized that in the movie John Hammond never does that – the business always fails, and then Masrani takes over long later. So we realized that the best way for us to do that is to build an original story, taking place after the movie, because then you can go back and see the devastation of the storm, you take out the raptors, we go back to the visitor center. It’s the best place that gives us that Jurassic Park feeling, like what happened there, while also giving us some freedom to try our own thing. Players can also build Jurassic Park and open it. And we managed to get people to go to Sorna, even though it’s between the first movie and The Lost World, so we love those movies as much as we can.

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