iCarly drops Creddie Bombshell to prepare for season 3

The following contains spoilers from iCarly Season 2, Episode 10, “iThrow a Flawless Murder Mystery Party”, now airing on Paramount+.

iCarly plays the long game with Carly and Freddie, and the season 2 finale puts everything in a new perspective thanks to Freddie’s murderous and mysterious birthday party. In a bombshell moment, Freddie’s girlfriend tells Carly and Freddie that they are in love with each other, and neither of them denies it. Although Mrs. Benson and Millicent try to reduce the tension in the last minute of the episode, Carly and Freddie are left speechless by the realization they have avoided. This reveal sets Carly and Freddie up perfectly to accept how they feel as adults, and no longer children or teenagers, in a potential Season 3 – no more distractions.

iCarly is the Paramount+ revival of the Nickelodeon series with the same title that aired from 2007 to 2012. Miranda Cosgrove’s Carly Shay and Nathan Kress’ Freddie Benson have been part of the original series (and revival) from the start. As children, Freddie always craved Carly as one of his best friends and collaborators on his web show, iCarly. Carly and Freddie’s romance didn’t last long; Freddie has found more than a match with their other best friend, Sam Puckett. As their lives change in adulthood, Carly and Freddie gradually realize that some things never change or go away, like their romantic feelings for each other.

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‘iThrow a Flawless Murder Mystery Party’ expertly draws on everything – from the deep cuts of the original series to the first two seasons iCarly. Carly and Freddie’s romance has spanned nearly 15 years, and this season finale uses hindsight to thread the needle on how Carly and Freddie struggle with (or avoid) their previous stint as romantic partners. and the evolution of their feelings in adulthood. For example, the Richard Nixon bit could serve as a reference to the original series, even though Freddie’s fear comes from being trapped in a presidential library with all the Nixon masks. Everything is related to iCarly superfan Nora Dershlit.

The Season 1 episode “iHate Carly” confirmed that Nora had changed her ways, but she still wore a Nixon mask while performing with Carly, Freddie, and Sam in the original series. This level of drama would only amplify Freddie’s fear as he’s stuck in a room full of said masks. Carly knows Freddie’s fear, so she wants to avoid all Nixon references to Freddie’s birthday party. This leads to Carly swapping her costume with Pearl. However, that doesn’t erase that Carly and Freddie arrived in complementary costumes as Sonny and Cher. The murder-mystery game even tells the pair that they have “soulmate chemistry” that “can’t be denied.”

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Of course, Pearl is not expected to be aware of the intensity of Freddie’s Nixon fear; it’s not even intended for iCarly fans to remember such details from the original series. However, too many other details highlight just how incompatible Freddie and Pearl are while re-establishing the bond between him and Carly. It’s one thing for Pearl not to know he likes disco music, but she has no idea that Freddie likes music. Carly solves all the party planning problems and always assures Freddie that it’s all Pearl’s idea – if not a collaboration of their two brains. This tactic helps Carly mend her friend’s relationship and takes Carly away from how well she knows Freddie – and how she feels about him.

Season 2 allows Carly to focus on something other than her feelings for Freddie – or any guy. She finds out more about herself during a night out with Harper. Carly brings in a new manager to cash in on her career, giving viewers a Drake and Josh meeting. As for Freddie, this season checks on his relationship a few times, and there are signs that things aren’t going as well as Freddie wants. More recently, even a pet monkey couldn’t bring Freddie and Pearl together in “I’m a USA Bae.” Everything Pearl contributes to her birthday party underscores this disconnect. Although Carly and Freddie haven’t spent much time together this season, Carly still knows him like any good friend would. But, there is more than that.

Still, iCarly never pits Carly and Pearl against each other. On the contrary, Carly and the series are sympathetic to Pearl. However, iCarly built this reveal of Creddie into an effective cliffhanger that tops the love triangle cliffhanger from Season 1. This love triangle directly contributes to Creddie’s excellent slow-burn execution this season. It all led up to this, and Carly and Freddie will have to deal with the fallout. The question remains whether Freddie will attempt to mend his relationship with Pearl, leaving Carly to yearn for her best friend like he did when they were younger. It’s perfectly poetic.

iCarly Seasons 1 and 2 are now streaming on Paramount+.

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