J. Nicolás releases the first single from his upcoming album “A Rosary Of Bone”

J. Nicolás is back with the first single titled “Falling Fast” from his upcoming album, “A Rosary Of Bone”, which will be released on September 2 (see the V13 premiere).

Stripped. Vulnerable. Transparent. Lying on dreamy intertwined guitars and gentle rhythms, J. Nicolás’ healing lyricism creates a calm, comforting peace of mind with his warm, introspective Americana. Inspired by South African poet Douglas Livingstone, his second album, A Rosary of Bone, combines his trademark soothing instrumentals with raw, introspective, and elegantly placed words of self-discovery.

As he shares his thoughts on the most difficult aspects of love and relationships, as well as the most unexplored elements of what it means to be human – including depression, self-sabotage, loss and regret – Nicolás leaves room for thoughtful interpretation with his calm, deliberate craftsmanship.

“Womaniser,” a heartfelt and bittersweet confessional, reveals his tender side as he plaintively owns up to his flaws, sharing, “I’m an elevator prone to stalling — leaving you stuck between floors.” Accepting his own faults, he adds: “it’s the letter I never wrote, the one that recognizes my wrongs”.

After touring across the country and internationally, performing in numerous bands and being a staple of the indie-rock scene for over two decades, Nicolás explored a new sound and launched his solo career with his first album, Wild Oak, in early 2021.

The writing throughout his early life provided insight into Nicolás’ personal evolution and a window into his worldly perspective, through exhalations of road trip relief and bedtime love story memories. of the sun. The record was inspired and formed around a budding love affair on the road, with generous helpings of hope and artful embellishments.

Unlike his previous work, A Rosary of Bone represents a deeper dive into the unveiling of Nicolás, written as an open exploration of the darker themes of his art, and providing his next level of truthful expression as he weaves and mourns its denouement. in this painfully honest account.

The new album was recorded, mixed and produced alone in his own studio – with Nicolás playing almost all the instruments – on 8-track analogue tape. The resulting sound is deliberately sparser than his previous project, preserving the magic of live recording glitches and tape hiss for an authentic, moody effect.

With music as his legacy, Nicolás’ latest collection unearths his deepest, most moving and heartfelt Americana to date, and provides an incredibly soft and soothing container to allow tears to flow and simply be felt.

Listen to the new single here:

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