King-of-Bling 1975 Chevy Caprice Donk poses on 30 inch wheels at the Florida Car Meet

Some donks got jaw-dropping power as well, in addition to oversized wheels, high ground clearance, lots of bling, a custom interior, and a serious audio system, and we’ve seen a few of them. -a in action on the drag strip. , giving some very fast machines a headache over the quarter mile.

As for the one you are about to see on video, it does not draw on its dragster but its flashy side. That said, it sports a candy red finish on the exterior and chrome accents. The real modification that looks at me, however, is the new alloy set. The gold wheels have a multi-spoke pattern and are 30 inches in diameter, according to the Downloader Anyway, and gave this 1975 Chevrolet Caprice high ground clearance.

The man who held the wheel, who is presumably the owner, was playing loud music through the speakers.

Presumably filmed in Orlando, Fla., During a local auto meetup, it’s the star of the one-minute clip embedded at the bottom, which shows him parking in a parking lot and then driving away with the roof down.

As this is an appearance to document, some participants took out their phones to immortalize it, which is understandable considering they don’t run into a real donkey every day. So, if you like this kind of rides then this is definitely a video to watch, and if you know of any other clips showing this particular Caprice, feel free to share them in our comments area.

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