Lady Gaga talks makeup and change for Haus Labs

Some people resist change. Not Lady Gaga.

Everything she touches encapsulates the new, the exciting, the completely different from what you’ve seen before, often on purpose. The trajectory of his work oscillates between recording studios, the sets of Oscar-winning films and a dimly lit stage nestled in Park MGM in Las Vegas. Inside her closet saw two-tone wigs, cowboy hats and raw steak headbands. She is redirected from the car transport to the egg, then back again. Now, three years after her initial launch, she’s ready to give her own Haus Labs by Lady Gaga beauty brand a makeover.

To be clear: the heart of the company – built on an ideology that celebrates the power of makeup and self-expression – remains, but the rest of what you’ll see from Haus Labs from now on has been reimagined. It emphasizes sustainability and ingredients, with particular emphasis on words like “clean” and “supercharged.” There is a change of retailer, from Amazon to Sephora. Then you get six new formulations, from gel bronzers to versatile face paints and beyond.

“What I realized early on with this company was that I had a lot to learn,” Lady Gaga told POPSUGAR. “I may have been an expert on my own makeup and the way I like to do my makeup on stage or on the red carpet, but I had to become a makeup expert for the world and for everyone. So we we had to work.”

Take a step back, reevaluate and try something different. It’s the Lady Gaga way. That’s also the problem with evolution: you have to get rid of some of the old to make way for the new—a concept she knows very well.

Constant reinvention has always been a powerful tool in Lady Gaga’s life, from a young age when she was called Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. “I suffered so much when I was much younger, especially as a teenager,” she says. “I felt so ruthlessly bullied. I didn’t feel beautiful on the outside. When I discovered makeup, I realized I could create anyone I wanted to be at any time. .”

And create characters, she did. There was Jo Calderone (who she said would dig her eco-friendly Black Onyx Matte Optic Intensity eyeliner, only scatter on her chin), stripped Joanne, and who could forget Lady Gaga actor Bonafide, who won a damn ‘Oscar for her working in “A Star is Born”? (If you watched her in “House of Gucci,” you know there’s more where that came from.)

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