Listen to the new track “Unknown World” by Neelesh Alwani

Neelesh Alwani has a new song called “Unknown World” – check it out!

With the release of “Unknown World”, Neelesh Alwani’s career took off like a rocket. He went from local celebrity to global superstar in the blink of an eye. House music fans are increasingly aware of this still little-known talent. “Unknown World” received praise from fans and critics. And everyone agrees that it was a great success.

Los Angeles native Neelesh understands house music on a deeper level. It follows the evolution of musical styles from the beginning. His music is described as a mixture of several genres. He likes to mix sounds from many sources to create music that is enjoyable to listen to no matter who is listening to it.

Neelesh was able to explain to listeners what his music sounds like with the help of Rumor Records. Rumor Records was helpful here, as the combination of impeccable production quality and superb musical composition resulted in a classic like “Unknown World.”

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