McBike exercise bike burns calories, relieves guilty conscience, charges devices

Eating junk food may not be good for you or the planet, but McDonald’s is planning to change that. The McBike exercise bike will help you burn some of the extra calories, ease your conscience, and charge your devices. You should love it!

Late last week, a new viral video surfaced showing what looked like a stationary slash exercise bike inside a McDonald’s restaurant. Exercise bikes around fast food restaurants have been spotted before, so the idea of ​​helping you burn those mostly empty, unhealthy calories immediately isn’t new. But this McBike seemed to work from a different angle.

On the one hand, it was placed inside the restaurant, somewhere in China. Second, it replaced the seat at singles tables, so you pedaled while you ate and swallowed soft drinks. It was almost as if McDonald’s were saying that you can burn calories by eating them, which we all know to be impossible.

In a statement to HypeBeast, McDonald’s China confirmed the veracity of the video, saying it is running a test program in two different locations. The test is part of a program called “Upcycle for Good,” which aims to align McDonald’s with government low carbon policy. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg: the McBike brings countless other benefits.

To state the obvious, it will help customers burn calories, even if it is only a tiny fraction of those eaten with a McD’s meal. It will also help ease their guilty conscience of eating said junk food and reduce their own carbon footprint, also by a small fraction. This is because the energy generated by the McBikes can charge devices like phones and laptops, so you won’t have to plug them into the grid.

McBikes are made from recycled materials and come with connectivity to an app that would allow users to track their progress over the course of the meal. During the trial, McDonald’s is accepting customer feedback and the plan is to scale up the McBike program if reception is good.

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