Mike Love Felt 1 Song Proved The Beach Boys Weren’t Just A “Surf Band”


  • One of the Beach Boys’ famous songs was a collaboration between Mike Love and Brian Wilson.
  • Love said the song was a milestone in her professional relationship with Wilson.
  • Love said the track stood out from the Beach Boys’ previous work.
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Mike Love of the Beach Boys said that his band was considered to be just surf rock. He felt that one of the Beach Boys’ songs broke the stereotype. Notably, the song in question would be the band’s last No. 1 single for 22 years.

The Beach Boys’ Mike Love discussed his professional relationship with Brian Wilson

In his 2016 book Good Vibes: My Beach Boy Life, Love spoke of “good vibes.” “Brian was rightly praised for producing a track whose length, construction and complexity defied all expectations of how a rock song could be written and performed,” Love wrote. Notably, Love and Wilson were the two songwriters.

“After animal soundsit also re-established my partnership with Brian and served as yet another example of our unique collaboration – the tour de force of studio work, lyrical messaging, a triumph of both art and commerce,” Love said. .

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Mike Love says The Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations” proves the band can make relevant songs during tumultuous times

Love felt “Good Vibrations” proved something about the band. “But more than anything, ‘Good Vibrations’ signaled that we could move with the times,” he said. “The Beach Boys were never just a stereotypical ‘surf band’. In 1966 we had recorded all kinds of music, but what had succeeded in the past would not necessarily succeed in the future.

Love further developed the band’s sound. “The question was, could we develop a new sound that would retain the idealistic ethos of our early music while remaining in tune with an era of uproar and forward-thinking, avant-garde protest music, with a spiritual sheen? ” he said. “‘Good Vibrations’ said we could.”

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How the song and its parent album fared on the charts in the United States

“Good Vibration” became a hit, topping the Billboard Hot 100 for a week. It remained on the chart for a total of 14 weeks. The band wouldn’t have another No. 1 single until the release of “Kokomo” in 1988, 22 years after “Good Vibrations” topped the chart.

The group released “Good Vibrations” on the album Smiling smile. The album peaked at No. 41 on the Billboard 200remaining on the card for 21 weeks.

Subsequently, “Good Vibrations” became a standard. Artists such as Todd Rundgren, Wilson Phillips and The Troggs have covered the track.

“Good Vibrations” was a hit, and Love felt it proved the Beach Boys were hip.

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