Mojang Studios will launch a “more practical” replacement for the Minecraft beta

Minecraft players now have an easier way to switch between trying out its new features and standard gameplay.

Minecraft Developer Mojang Studios recently announced that they are developing a separate app/game that will allow players to test out future game features without affecting their standard Bedrock experience.

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Minecraft Preview Details

According to Mojang Studio’s announcement, Minecraft Overview is an evolution of the game’s Bedrock Beta program that would allow players to play on a beta or the released version on the same device. Adding this app/game would allow Minecraft players to try out upcoming features of the game without their normal operation being affected, allowing them to test new features without a reservation.

However, using Minecraft Overview will lock players out of key base game features, which include cross-platform multiplayer, featured servers (Realms), achievement unlocks, and the marketplace on select platforms.

Despite the changes, the process for reporting bugs and feedback remains the same, Mojang Studios said.

Minecraft Overview It also won’t retain most settings, including family settings, from the retail version of the game, as per the game’s Xbox Store page. It also won’t transfer worlds played there to the base game. However, any content belonging to the game market will work in Minecraft Overview.

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Additionally, any content purchased from the market during the preview will use players’ existing Minecoin balance and carry over to the base game.

Mojang Studios said that although Minecraft Beta has been “a great way” to get feedback on upcoming “Minecraft” features, Minecraft Overview would allow him to grow and improve the beta program in a more robust way.

The studio also mentioned that the app/game will be coming to multiple Bedrock platforms this year, but it will be coming to iOS, Xbox, and Windows 10/11 operating systems first. In reality, Minecraft Overview is already available on Windows PC for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass subscribers. Meanwhile, Minecraft Overview will also be added to Game Pass for Xbox consoles later in 2022.

Minecraft Beta is still available on Xbox, Windows, and Android, but the Xbox and Windows Beta program will overlap with Minecraft Overview before Minecraft Beta is retired.

It’s unclear when Mojang Studios will officially retire Minecraft Betabut it can happen when Minecraft Overview is available on all possible platforms.

How to Install Minecraft Preview

To install Minecraft Overview on iOS devices, players will need to register with Testflight first and wait for Mojang Studios to offer them a spot, as there are a limited number of them.

Any Windows PC user who already owns the Bedrock version of Minecraft can install Minecraft Overview by going to the Xbox Game Pass store and installing it. Refreshing the page once should restore the “Install” button if it doesn’t appear. If the problem occurs immediately or if the “Install” button does not appear after several attempts, Mojang Studios has provided a link that will redirect players to the Microsoft Store page for Minecraft Overview to install it.

Meanwhile, PC users who already own the Bedrock version of Minecraft or if you have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Game Pass subscription on PC, you can get the game by going to the Xbox Game Pass store and installing it. If the install button does not appear, refreshing the page once may resolve the issue. If it still does not appear, users are advised to click the Mojang Studios link to the Microsoft Store page to Minecraft Overview to install.

Game Pass subscribers can find Minecraft Overview in the Game Pass section of the Xbox app.

Although Mojang Studios has not released Minecraft Overview on Xbox, the game is available to all Xbox Insiders.

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