New Study Finds 30% of American Adults Have Used Augmented Reality

“Games and social media are typically where new consumer technologies germinate. But history tells us that lasting value and frequent use will grow around utilities that solve everyday problems.” -Mike Boland Chief Analyst of ARTillery Intelligence

Thrive Analytics and ARtillery Intelligence released a new report today: AR Usage & Consumer Attitudes, Wave V. ARtillery Intelligence authored survey questions and a narrative report while Thrive Analytics administered the survey through its established survey and ongoing research of Virtual Reality Monitor™.

Highlights include the fact that 30% of consumers have used mobile augmented reality (AR). More importantly, they use it often: 54% of mobile AR users engage at least once a week and 75% at least once a month. This is a telling indication of the potential of mobile AR, given that active use is a key success factor for mobile apps and closely tied to revenue metrics.

The top category of mobile AR apps today is games, followed by social media. These are driven by popular AR apps and features, such as Pokémon Go and Snapchat AR lenses. Both categories will continue to dominate mobile augmented reality according to ARtillery Intelligence, but others will emerge, such as everyday utilities like viewing products in one’s space during an e-commerce flow.

“Games and social media are typically where new consumer technologies germinate,” said Mike Boland, chief analyst at ARTillery Intelligence. “But history tells us that lasting value is built around public services that solve everyday problems. This is amplified in the post-Covid era, as sustained e-commerce inflections are supported by AR’s ability to add dimension to shopping. »

Virtual Reality Monitor applies the insight and proven practices of Thrive Analytics in survey research. The AR survey for this wave (Wave V) included a sample of over 102,000 American adults. Thrive Analytics and ARtillery will continue to analyze AR & VR market opportunities through the lens of consumer sentiment, including key trends uncovered after multiple waves.

“AR and VR remain in early adoption phases,” said Jason Peaslee, Managing Partner of Thrive Analytics. “But while there are typical challenges and barriers to adoption, these technologies will gradually transform the way people work, connect and learn. We are committed to quantifying this evolutionary path over the next few years.

Report Availability

AR Usage & Consumer Attitudes, Wave V is available from ARTillery Intelligence and Thrive Analytics. Access to the source database and additional strategic analysis can be obtained from Thrive Analytics.

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About the Virtual Reality Monitor™

The Virtual Reality Monitor™ is Thrive Analytics’ proprietary survey of virtual reality/augmented reality technology users. These surveys, conducted semi-annually, track adoption rates, usage, satisfaction levels, profiles, and many other areas related to VR/AR users. Each wave has a customizable section for specific customer requests. Findings and key insights are communicated in advisory reports and presentations, charts and infographics, newsletters and articles, and custom data views. Information from these studies is used by marketers, product managers, consultants, and others working in technology.

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