Next update for Waze to include a fix for the account registration error

While Waze has millions of users around the world, everyone knows the overall experience still needs a little polish.

And with the exception of some platform-specific issues, the Google-owned app also comes with a series of issues that pop up out of nowhere and sometimes require multiple updates to resolve.

In November, users spotted a Waze bug that prompted them to create an account in the app. Unsurprisingly, these users already had an account, and oddly enough, they were even logged in with their credentials.

However, Waze has kept insisting on creating an account, with users turning to all kinds of potential workarounds, including logging out and reconnecting, logging in online, and verifying their email addresses once. Moreover.

Nothing really worked, but now it looks like Waze is finally getting ready to send out a fix.

According to this discussion here on the Google Support Forums, this Waze issue was not supposed to make its way to stable versions of the app. It was originally spotted in the beta of Waze, so in theory Waze just had to fix it before a new stable update got the green light.

This did not happen, so the bug was included in a stable release, prompting users to create an account whether or not they are logged in.

The good news is that the Google-owned company has a fix already and it should be part of the app’s next update. Waze 4.80 is therefore expected to ship in the early days of January, possibly as early as next week, although it remains to be seen whether the green light is given so quickly or whether the company wants to do further internal testing.

Waze has other issues to work out as well, including the classic audio issues that occur on CarPlay and force the app to take over volume control in the car.

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