Pinterest announces ‘Pinterest TV’ live broadcast series


Pinterest is looking to build on the growing trend of live commerce, which has already gained popularity in China, with its own series of live shopping events, through a new initiative called “Pinterest TV”.

As explained by Pinterest:

Today, we’re announcing Pinterest TV, a live, original, purchasable episode series featuring creators directly on Pinterest. Pinterest TV episodes are updated every day of the week and will be recorded and available for Pinners to watch on demand, then save and review later.

The new shopping-focused live stream series, starting November 8, will give users the ability to secure exclusive in-app deals, via engaging and immediate live streams.

“Every Friday, products will be dropped off in a live shopping setting where Pinners can take advantage of discounts from brands such as Patagonia, All Birds, Crown Affair, Melody Ehsani, Outdoor Voices, Mented and more. Just click on the TV icon in the top left corner of the Pinterest app to view episodes, interact with hosts, ask questions via chat, and get live answers.

Pinterest explored its own live streaming options as a way to maximize its e-commerce push, with the platform recently launching a series of celebrity-led in-app live broadcasts as part of its “Creators Connect” event. “.

Pinterest Creator Connect Live Stream

Pinterest TV is the next evolution of the same, bringing a new level of immediate interaction and shopping activity right on the app – just in time for the holiday shopping surge.

On top of that, Pinterest is also launching a new initiative to help more creators launch their own in-app live shopping streams.

Along with Pinterest TV, Pinterest is launching a virtual studio where Pinterest producers work directly with each creator to develop unique content, provide “behind the scenes” A / V support and upload engaging episodes. “

This will help broaden the platform’s live buying goal and give more creators more opportunities to sell within the app.

E-commerce is the key trend that virtually all social apps focus on, due to the growing interest in online shopping in the wake of the pandemic, and the opportunities that in-stream buying can then facilitate. for direct income, the share of income for creators, behavioral use, etc.

Pinterest had in fact made product discovery and shopping its primary focus long before the pandemic, with CEO Ben Silbermann noting in 2016 that it was “not a social app,” but instead of this, Pinterest had evolved into “a catalog of ideas”. Within this framework, shopping has always been the logical progression, and since then it has been striving to facilitate its vision of e-commerce, with streamlined catalog ingestion tools, shopping platform integrations, shopping options. AR product display, enhanced discovery and more.

As such, it’s not surprising to see Pinterest also take a look at the push for live shopping, which, as noted, is already huge in China, and has also already been picked up by Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, between others.

And that just might become the next big change. Indeed, according to McKinsey, China’s direct commerce space is on the way to become a $ 423 billion market by the end of next year.

It’s immediate, it’s engaging, and it can trigger impulse buying behavior, while also helping to build brand awareness and connection.

And maybe that will become a key part of the Pinterest buying process as well.

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