Pokémon BDSP: how to get (and evolve) Mareep

Once Trainers have beaten the main story of Pokémon BDSP, they can find and catch Mareep in the Great Underground or by using the PokéRadar.

Mareep is an adorable Electric-type wool Pokemon in Pokemon Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl which can evolve into Flaaffy and then Ampharos once certain conditions are met. While Mareep’s usefulness in battle isn’t quite as appealing as her cuddly appearance, her final evolution form as Ampharos can certainly offer superior value in battle. There are two main ways to find Mareep, but trainers must first beat the main story of Pokemon BDSP for these methods to become available.

To complete the basic content of Pokemon Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl, players will need to defeat the Elite Four and champion Cynthia. They must also see all 150× Pokémon in the Sinnoh region. Once these two prerequisites are met, they can travel to Sandgem Town and speak to Professor Rowan inside the lab to receive the National Pokédex and the PokéRadar, the two items needed to meet Mareep. Also, trainers should remember to get their radar’s Chain Counter app, which is acquired from Professor Oak in Ramanas Park.


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Using the PokéRadar, players have a 5-20% chance of finding Mareep in Valley Wind Turbines. There is also the possibility of meeting Flaaffy, the second form of evolution of Mareep in Pokemon BDSP, when using the radar on Route 222. The second way to catch Mareep is to explore the Great Underground. First, chat with the Underground Man in Eterna City to gain access to the Great Underground by acquiring the Explorer Kit. Once the coaches have made their way below the surface, they can meet Mareep inside Whiteout Cave, Sunlit Cavern and Grassland Cave. While it is possible to explore each of these three locations, players can instead focus their search on a single area. Upon exiting and re-entering a cave, all Wild Pokémon will reset, renewing the opportunity to find Mareep.

Evolving Mareep in Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl

How to Evolve Mareep in Pokémon BDSP

Once trainers catch Mareep, they can turn him into Flaaffy by having him reach Level 15. If the captured Pokemon is already above level 15, fans can give it a Rare Candy in Pokemon BDSP to instantly level him up and evolve into Flaaffy. For Flaaffy to become Ampharos, he must reach Level 30.

To quickly level a Pokemon in Pokemon Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl, trainers can give him a Lucky Egg, a unique item that increases combat EXP by 1.5×. Alternatively, Hideaways are great areas for leveling, as each Hideaway’s wild Pokemon scale with the player’s party.

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Pokemon Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl are available on Nintendo Switch.

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