Pokémon GO’s Buddy widget sticks a cute buddy on the home screen

Pokémon GO has added a Buddy Widget, allowing players to see the relationship with their current Pokémon companion from a phone’s home screen.

Collect companions in Pokemon GO comes with the ability to choose a special Buddy to adventure with, and a recent widget update makes it easier to view this Pokémon Buddy on the go. While Pokemon GO doesn’t limit players to a party of six main Pokémon for most games, many have a companion they prefer among the hundreds of options tucked away in storage boxes. To help players spend time with their personal favorites, a Buddy Pokémon in Pokemon GO can be selected, providing multiple ways to deepen relationships while playing.

To build a relationship with Buddy Pokémon, Pokemon GO players can select their buddy from the game’s main screen, bringing up the Buddy menu. Here players can see their current bond status and a list of activities for the day that can help strengthen Buddy Pokémon bonds. This includes walking together, taking pictures, playing, fighting and exploring. Players can also give their Pokemon GO Buddy deals, with a full bar allowing them to spawn in the overworld of the game map alongside the player’s avatar. As a Buddy’s Heart Level increases, players will receive new bonuses for traveling with that Pokémon, including catching assistance, finding gifts, and a Best Buddy ribbon, among other useful rewards.


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In a recent Twitter post shared by PokémonGoAppit has been announced that players will have a new tool to help them track their Pokemon GO Buddy, with the introduction of a Buddy Widget home screen for iOS and Android devices. The widget is available now and comes with a similar widget that monitors the incubation status of Pokémon eggs. Players can easily add the widgets to their home screens by holding an empty widget space and then selecting the Egg or Buddy widgets from the Pokemon GO menu. Since each phone has a slightly different interface, players will want to follow the instructions provided by Niantic to ensure it has been installed correctly.

For many, the addition of the Buddy and Egg widgets will be very useful for tracking gameplay while walking. Despite optimizing to help with early battery drain issues Pokemon GO experienced after release, the game can still consume a fair amount of battery. Also, players may not always want their app open while on the go, but a quick glance at the status of Buddy or Egg can give a progress update for those using the Adventure Sync option. It may leave a Pokemon GO player knows it’s time to hatch an egg or give their buddy a treat, to keep bonuses and hatching projects moving while playing passively.

Although cluttering a home screen with widgets isn’t ideal for some Pokemon GO fans, it might be interesting to see more widget options added by Niantic in the future. A pedometer widget could help players track distance goals, while a Mega Evolution countdown widget could let players know how many hours of Pokemon GO Mega Evolution they left. These tools would make it possible to Pokemon GO more accessible and allow more fans to play casually while engaging in other daily tasks.

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Source: PokémonGoApp/TwitterNiantic

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