Pure and Frontier lead the way with the evolution of radio

Pure has launched an innovative suite of new products for the iconic Evoke range that are built on Frontier’s leading Venice X platform, bringing the benefits of SmartRadio to their customers.

The new Evoke Spot, Evoke Play and Evoke Home products offer a varied choice of use in any home while taking the listening experience to the next level with a choice of DAB+, FM and Internet connectivity. Each model in the newly reinvented range is a SmartRadio device and therefore combines the reliability of FM and DAB+ with the choice and flexibility of streaming internet radio, podcasts and Spotify Connect.

Pure and Frontier have developed multiple products together, disrupting and changing the industry one collaboration at a time. Looking back to the Pure product history, the Evoke-1 first laid the foundation and then adapted to customer needs over 20 years, evolving into a stereo product (Evoke 2) and then offering a enhanced user experience with additional large color display and Bluetooth functionality (Evoke H4)

In line with this constant evaluation of customer needs and responding to current trends, the latest redesigned Evoke series consisting of the Evoke Spot, Evoke Play and Evoke Home combines the benefits of SmartRadio while maintaining a contemporary design and with an emphasis on convenience. Pure has waived the inclusion of any microphones or voice assists allowing for maximum privacy. The new Evoke models feature a foldable color screen that not only saves space and makes this compact music system even slimmer, but also easily hides distracting lights. Keeping ease of use in mind, complex functions such as alarm clock, timer or audio source switching are hidden under the foldable screen while daily functions are easily accessible on the devices surface.

Frontier’s solutions are used by the world’s leading audio brands and are found in millions of devices. Pure and Frontier have shaped the radio market with their innovations over the past 20 years and continue to forge ahead. The Venice X module supports Spotify Connect, Amazon Music and Deezer as well as over 60,000 internet radio stations and 100,000 podcast episodes.

Frontier and Pure are both members of the SmartRadio logo program, which aims to promote SmartRadio and educate users on the benefits of owning a SmartRadio rather than a DAB radio.

Adrian NordhausHead of Innovation and Product Management at Pure, said: “We wanted to create a reliable, high quality product that offered the best user experience we could offer to enable us to compete in the growing SmartRadio market. We chose Frontier to work with and selected their Venice X platform, which combined high levels of functionality into a single, highly integrated turnkey module that enables SmartRadio products.

Prem RajalinghamCEO of Frontier said: “We are excited to work with Pure and once again create innovative products that will lead the SmartRadio market. We continue to see the SmartRadio market grow, with brands moving more products from simple DAB+FM to SmartRadio products that combine DAB, FM, internet radio, podcasts and catch-up radio.

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