Raised By Wolves: The Season 2 Ending, Explained

Raised by wolves is on hiatus for an unknown and possibly indefinite period after its second season finale. While waiting for a possible third season, the time has come to ask the immortal question: what exactly happens in this strange sci-fi epic?

In two seasons and just 18 episodes, the adventure of Mother, Father and their troubled offspring has spanned the planet and seen the ups and downs of life on Kepler-22b. Their adventure was strange and each episode brought new twists. A far cry from the seemingly bleak ending of the first season, season two ends on several cliffhangers with huge implications. Obviously, there will be spoilers ahead for the entirety of Raised by wolves seasons one and two.


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The cliffhangers

For the uninitiated, or those who simply need a refresher, episode 8: “Happiness” places the status quo of Raised by wolves in a whole new place. The former war machine turned foster parent, Mother, comes to terms with the fact that her monstrous offspring, known primarily as Number Seven, must be destroyed. She is unable to kill her child due to her strict parental programming, but she finds a way out. Father’s favorite project, Grandmother, is a comparable machine that wears a veil that dulls sensory information. The mother dons the veil and, in a spectacular confrontation, ends her child’s reign of terror. Rather than return the veil as she had announced, she decides to continue wearing it. Meanwhile, Grandma indulges the family and seems to take on the role of mother in short succession. Grandma tricks Mother, then traps her in a VR pod while she takes over.

Grandmother raised by wolves

Grandma’s programming leads her to pursue only the best percentage of human survival, with no safety in place and little specification of what constitutes a “human”. Her plan becomes clear as she oversees the children of the mother and father. She intends to allow humanity to undergo involution and transform into nightmarish creatures that inhabit the acidic sea. This would rob them of sapience and leave them slaving monsters with no quality of life, but would make them much more capable of long-term survival. Grandma’s scheme only requires time and complacency, as evolution seems to happen on its own. To silence people, she coaxes the public with video games and empty promises. The episode’s ending shows that the process has already begun, and fans can’t yet tell if Mother will be able to regain control, or what path the humans will choose for themselves.

Marcus is also left in an extremely odd position at the end of the episode. His brief partnership with Mother earns him next to nothing, and he has to wander the area after Number Seven is taken care of. Marcus has had an almost comedic level of plot armor throughout the season, if not the entire series, so when he’s caught off guard, audiences can guess how it will end. Marcus is captured by his disgruntled former comrade Lucius, who sees him as a false prophet and has been trying to kill him for weeks. Lucius is compelled by the invisible voice he describes as Sol to crucify Marcus upside down while wearing the executioner’s helmet, leaving him to slowly bleed to death. After years of watching his enemy wither away, Lucius gets up to remove the body, only to find he is not there. Marcus is seen floating about ten feet in the air, bleeding profusely, in the same reverse crucifixion pose. The music goes up and the show goes to the credits.

What does all this mean?

There’s a ton to unpack in these final moments, but much of it remains hidden. The second season outlined much of “Sol’s” apparent influence on Kepler-22b, but it also clarified that the being known as Sol is not a god, but something entirely different. Mother and a few other atheist characters obliquely refer to an Entity that sends signals from somewhere on the planet. His desires are unclear, but his power is becoming clearer. The Entity influenced Mother to give birth to Number Seven, forced Sue to transform into a tree, and told Number Seven to eat that tree. While it’s unclear why he did any of these things, it’s clear that his influence almost exclusively caused misery among humans.


There are more questions than answers in a prospective Raised by wolves Season 3, but the current state is a powder keg. Campion and his new siblings risk turning into fish monsters. Marcus has achieved something akin to superpowers. Grandmother plots the fate of what’s left of humanity while managing to get everyone around her to play along. The mother is trapped in the same type of technological marvel that left her with a child terrible, and time is running out. There’s a lot going on, as always, but it’s up to Raised by wolves to describe what happens next.

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