Rivian launches first OTA update to clients, looks like the kids have been forgotten

Over the air updates (OTAs) have become trivial these days and many automakers are already upgrading their cars remotely using this trick. The latest in the game is Rivian, and so their first customers have been blessed this week with an OTA update. Based on feedback shared on the forums, the update went well, although the back screen no longer works.

Rivian is still new to the market and its R1 line of cars didn’t start delivery until last November. This means that owners haven’t had a chance to experience an OTA update so far. You see their excitement when they finally got one and we have to say we’re impressed that it happened sooner than expected. This is by no means a big update, but an update meant to fix a few bugs here and there, just to make things smoother aboard the R1T and R1S.

And they went easier, judging by the favorable comments on social media. No one has reported any bugs with the new update, except the back screen is locked for now. This was already covered in the release notes, however. The update process was documented by user “Iwantatesla” in the Rivian forums, who also mentioned that everything seemed “much faster” after the update. He also praised his R1T as one of the best vehicles ever made, so I guess he should change his nickname to something like “notatesla”.

Returning to the OTA update, the on-screen notice shows that this should improve the performance of an R1 vehicle. As we zoom in, we see that the update covers items ranging from Bluetooth connectivity to the improved navigation app. Various user interface improvements were also on the menu, with smoother transitions between apps as well as performance improvements to the infotainment system. More importantly, the new update brings improved security to the Driver + suite, especially for the Highway Assist system.

We’re happy to see Rivian taking the time to fix bugs in their car software, and even happier to see the updates deliver tangible improvements to users, without spoiling other things. As for the non-functional rear screen, some users pointed out that it behaved badly before. Maybe Rivian has decided to shut it down until they know what to do, but they promise to fix it for the next OTA update.

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