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Undeniably underrated. Milwaukee-based artist Rod Dav is no rookie when it comes to delivering top quality Hip Hop/Rap music. He mixes classic hip-hop styles with an innovative and very unique sound. Winning him fans all over the world from the comfort of his hometown. A self-made entrepreneurial city, known for its unique sounding street music. We believe Rod Dav will be the next greatest artist in the world, he has style, delivery, substance and direction, when you listen to his music it feels like you are right there with him as he paints a wicked and beautiful picture of his raw reality.

Rod Dav’s recent music has caught the attention of some of the hottest producers, executives and artists around the world with his remarkable music, not your typical artist, Rod Dav has released his new single “Head Down July 1st, 2022. sweeping the streets. Currently an independent with a cast of 4gmg/Sonymusic but now has the attention of major label executives. Rapper. Singer and songwriter Rodrick Davis was born and raised in Milwaukee and enjoyed early success in the music industry. He has a unique sound that blends across genres, blending inspirational hip hop tunes and his love for catchy melodies. Ever since he was a little boy, Rod Dav knew that rapping was what he loved to do the most, coming from a family with deep hip hop roots, Davis was practically born for it.

After seeing his unique musical approach, he was supported by his family. Plus, the hit-maker behind “Head Down and Apologize never went a minute without creating music. For Rod Dav, the art of music didn’t take root until his early pre-teens, where Rodrick Davis was creating mature music, talking about the struggles of the hood and the difficult environment he grew up in, which is still something he does regularly today.

His album “UndeniablyUnderrated”, a piece with a unique musical composition, is rapidly gaining masses as he gave his fans insight into the many facets of his life, taking them on a truly versatile musical journey like never before. Rod Dav’s evolution as an artist has elevated his sound with innovative new melodies and eclectic vibes. It has a delivery and storytelling style that will surely let the souls of its fans sink in. His latest releases will be a surprise for his fans. New collaborations, tours, music and videos are all we can expect in the coming months.

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