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First EW-DX samples presented at InfoComm 2022

WEDEMARK, GERMANY / LAS VEGAS, USA Media outreach – June 9, 2022 Over at InfoComm, audio specialist Sennheiser has unveiled its plans to expand the Evolution Wireless Digital family of wireless microphones. Named EW-DX, the new microphone systems will simplify professional workflows by using refined technologies to deliver a digital UHF system that can be easily scaled. The complete set of new EW-DX products will include portable, body-pack and tabletop transmitters, two versions of two-channel receivers in a 19″ half-rack (one with and one without Dante®) as well as a Dante- receiver enabled in a full 19″ format. The first flight of products and software will be available towards the end of 2022, with more items to follow in the first half of 2023.

“We are excited to give InfoComm visitors a first glimpse of what to expect later this year and in 2023,” said Michael Altemark, Lead Product Manager Wireless, Business Communications at Sennheiser. “Expanding on our successful Evolution Wireless Digital family, EW-DX products will inherit family characteristics such as the industry’s lowest latency, equidistant frequency spacing, and ultra-wide input dynamic range – and add compelling new abilities.”

“These include additional transmitter and receiver options such as Dante versions, automatic multi-channel RF configuration, scalable remote control and monitoring, and AES-256 encryption for secure transmission of content.”

As a member of the Evolution Wireless Digital family, EW-DX eliminates the complexities of wireless and has been carefully designed to generate no significant intermodulation products. Therefore, at the push of a button, the auto-scan feature automatically assigns frequencies using an equidistant tuning grid that allows more channels to be grouped together within a given frequency window. The transmitters are easily synchronized via Bluetooth® Low Energy.

Two and four channel receivers

In addition to the family’s single-channel receiver, EW-DX offers three receiver versions: a half-rack size two-channel receiver, one with and one without Dante; and a four-channel Dante receiver with a 19″ rack size. The Dante versions offer different network modes to flexibly integrate into existing workflows. The receivers have a switching bandwidth of up to 88 MHz , which can translate – thanks to Sennheiser’s equidistant spacing – up to 146 channels in standard mode and up to 293 in link density mode.

electronic ink and programmable mute switch: the EW-DX transmitters

EW-DX offers a choice of two bodypack transmitters, two portable transmitters and two table transmitters. Their output power of 10 mW ensures a range of up to 100 meters (328 feet). All units benefit from the same wide audio input dynamic range as existing EW-D models, the remotes and pocket belts further featuring a tuning control to match individual transmitters alternately to the same receiver channel, for example when several guitars are used.

Handheld and pocket transmitters will be the first on the market to offer e-ink displays. Even when a transmitter is turned off, users will still be able to read all essential data from the device. Both types of transmitters will have charging contacts built into the device. Using the dedicated BA rechargeable battery, they will have a battery life of approximately 12 hours.

The bodypack will be available with a 3-pin or 3.5mm (1/4″) jack microphone connector, allowing it to be used with all Sennheiser clip-on and headset microphones. digital, Neumann miniature microphones as well as instruments.The bodypack is equipped with a programmable mute switch and offers cable emulation for guitarists and bassists.

The handheld transmitter will also be available in two versions, one without and one with an optional programmable mute switch (RF mute, AF mute, no function). It will be equipped with Sennheiser’s standard capsule interface, ready to use with a total of 14 Sennheiser and Neumann microphone heads.

There are also two versions for the tabletop transmitter: the version with XLR-3 connector accepts standard gooseneck microphones; the version with XLR-5 connector is intended for gooseneck microphones with light ring. The table stands can be recharged by induction with the CHG 2W charging unit and will operate for 11 hours on a single charge.


EW-DX will be integrated with Sennheiser Control Cockpit software, Wireless Systems Manager desktop software and Smart Assist application. There will also be plug-ins for major third-party control software.

More information about these new members of the Evolution Wireless Digital family will be available at launch. Please also visit for updates.

About the Sennheiser brand

We live and breathe audio. We are driven by a passion to create audio solutions that make a difference. Building the future of audio and delivering remarkable sound experiences to our customers – that’s what the Sennheiser brand has stood for for over 75 years. While professional audio solutions such as microphones, meeting solutions, streaming technologies and monitoring systems are part of the business of Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG, the business with consumer devices such as headphones, soundbars and speech-enhanced hearing aids is operated by Sonova Holding AG under license from Sennheiser.

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