‘Spore-like’ survival evolution game gets trailer

Adapt has an official trailer. The trailer was released earlier today alongside a Press release for the next survival evolution game.

Adapt is a game that asks players to create and evolve their own species. Players will fight to survive against harsh environments, lack of food, and even other hostile creatures.

If you think this all sounds and sounds a little familiar, you’re not alone. Adapt was compared to Maxis and Electronic Arts’ survival evolution game in 2008 Spore. In fact, publisher Slug Disco Studios coined the phrase “spore-like” to describe the genre.

Our “Adapt” game gets compared to Spore a lot, so we coined the phrase “spore-like” – thought I’d share a glimpse of our creature maker with you all 🙂 from Spore

Today’s announcement featured key art by Júlia d’Oliveira, and the trailer is set to music by Louie Taylor. In today’s press release, developer Paul Hervé shared his thoughts on the game and its trailer:

“Working with Slug Disco has been really fantastic; and so gratifying to see all the amazing feedback and excitement people have for the game as it gains more exposure. I really couldn’t ask for more from the collaborators. I’m thrilled with the outcome of the new trailer and Louie Taylor’s incredible audio work on the score. I was instantly super impressed with Júlia’s cover art. I am truly amazed at how easily she transformed her wonderful paleo art style into the more colorful and whimsical art style of Adapt.”

Slug Disco Studios shares this enthusiasm. Studio head Liam Comerford said:

“After trying Adapt for the first time, seeing the depth of his creature editor, alongside an incredibly colorful world filled with unique creations interacting with each other, we knew Paul had something special and we wanted to be a part of it . Our job now is to spread the word and make known to as many players as possible Adapt as possible, and it’s a lot more fun to do it with a project where we can confidently say “I wish we had done that”. We’re really excited to see how the game grows and what the community does (and creates) with it!”

If a Spore-like game intrigues you, then you’re in luck. There’s no word yet on exactly when. Adapt will be released in Early Access, but a free demo for the game is now available To smoke.

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