Spotify Greenroom is now Spotify Live: here’s what’s changed

Spotify has announced that its Greenroom live audio app is getting a new name: Spotify Live. Moreover, live audio features are also integrated into the main Spotify app.

Launched in 2021, Spotify Greenroom was created to allow fans and creators to have a better connection. All of the changes to the platform indicate a more serious shift towards emphasizing live audio creators.

What’s going on with Spotify Greenroom?

According to Spotify’s announcement, Greenroom is now called Spotify Live, which seems like a better fitting name given the content being pushed through the app.

Greenroom was built on Locker Room, a tool from Betty Labs, one of the software developers Spotify acquired in 2021. Even though the app is owned by Spotify, it hasn’t reached the same level of fame as the platform. -main form for which the company is known. .

A report by Bloomberg in March 2022 stated that Spotify was looking to rebrand Greenroom as the app was struggling to find users. Hopefully the rebrand will attract more people curious about what the service is all about as they discover more content. The Spotify brand name should be enough to get people interested in trying it out.

What else changes with Spotify Live?

According to Spotify’s press release, one of the biggest things we’ll see now is Spotify Live content available on the regular Spotify app.


To kick off this exciting evolution of our live audio offering, we’ll be spotlighting our top audio creators with exclusive, one-of-a-kind programming in addition to the full range of original programming we’ve already introduced.

If you want to listen to a program live on Spotify, you can do so through the podcast or the creator’s artist page. However, joining the chat or otherwise participating in the live session will require switching to Spotify Live instead.

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New Spotify Live content can be found in a special section on Spotify called What’s Live Today. The section features all upcoming live streams, and you’ll need to click on the desired creator’s name to view their page and access their stream.

Only selected original shows will be featured in the Spotify app. Independent creators can still go live, but they will do so through the Spotify Live app instead.​​​​​​​

Landing Live Content on Spotify

As mentioned, Spotify will only highlight the best audio creators in the Spotify app. The lineup landing on the service looks interesting, with shows like Call Her Daddy by Alex Cooper, Paradise Again album release party for Swedish House Mafia, King of the Court with Hasan Minhaj, Off the Record with DJ Akademiks, or even Tana’s Toxic Tips. with Tana Mongeau.

Likewise, Spotify Live will continue to present the best of Greenroom, including Taylor Talk with Ellie Schnitt, Internet People Live with Zack Fox or The Ringer NBA Show. Hopefully, with these changes, the Now Playing bar will stop disappearing for users, as it has for some time now.

Spotify ventures outside of music

In recent years, we’ve seen Spotify venture beyond music. Along with its efforts to bring live audio app Spotify Live (formerly Greenroom) to life, the company has also invested heavily in podcasts.

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The platform seems to be obsessed with podcasts, as it is one of the main sources of income. With every podcast full of ads, revenue increases every time someone listens to one. Plus, with big names like Michelle Obama creating podcasts for Spotify, many people are bound to get curious and find themselves on the service. From the podcast, they can listen to music and maybe even subscribe to the platform.

As of this writing, Spotify dominates a quarter of the US podcast market, which makes it easy to see why it invests so much in new content, especially since potential revenue is around $500 million.

Spotify boost live

Spotify’s rebranding of Greenroom is another effort to bring users closer to creators. Spotify Live will likely grow the app’s user base, especially as more content comes to the platform as well.

While Spotify Live allows users to connect with live creators, the standard Spotify app also allows users to be closer to their friends and their favorite music by shuffling their playlists.

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You can now shuffle Spotify playlists with up to 10 friends

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