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Equal parts sassy and sexy, the latest version of the Teatro Zin Zanniwell titled wishes and dreams, brings some well-deserved fun to downtown The Loop. Housed in an opulent Belgian mirror tent, carefully erected on the 14and floor of the Cambria hotel, we will marvel at the setting. Lavish and luxurious, lavish dark mahogany wood floors, lush red velvet curtains, striking stained glass accents, no expense has been spared. The entire floor has been transformed for your greatest pleasure. Before finding your seat, do some shopping in the boutiques of the lobby gallery. Grab a drink from the bar and pose for a photo in front of the 9-foot crescent moon, all setting the preliminary mood for the night. And oh what a night. Dinner and show lasting nearly three hours, so plan accordingly. The subject gets a bit racy, but nothing too vulgar. The family of four seated to my left laughed the whole time, even though the youngest was asleep in his mother’s arms when the show ended.

The new rebooted story now takes place in Madame Z’s bustling, bustling restaurant, but the burlesque circus-style atmosphere remains intact. Remember, the show begins the moment you enter the tent and are shown to your table. Everyone is in the game, from your servers to the center stage. Teatro ZinZanni Wishes & Dreams is directed by Tobias Larsson and his casting notes seem very loose. Debra M. Bauer’s costumes certainly leave an impression while leaving very little to the imagination. Silk, leather, spandex and fishnets, it’s all here and more. Not for the faint of heart, the eye candy on display is quite decadent. Dreya Weber’s choreographic CV is breathtaking. She engineered Pink’s 2010 Grammy Award-winning performance for the song “Glitter in The Air.” She worked with Cher on her “Living Proof” tour choreographing aerial performances. Her short list of clients also includes Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Madonna, Michael Jackson and now she is bringing her impressive aerial gear to Chicago. ZinZanni Theater.

As for the show itself, it’s a cornucopia of well-sung covers, comedic sketches and world-class circus performers. Think The Carol Burnett Show meets Circus of the sun, but under acid. “Head chef” and mistress of ceremonies, the illusory “Madame Z” is played by Chicago powerhouse Bethany Thomas. This award-winning performer has been a bright spot on the Chicagoland theater scene for over a decade. It was presented at the Goodman Theater A Christmas CarolNorthlight Theater songs for no onePorchlight Music Theatre’s Marry me a little and Writers’ Theater In the woods, Just to name a few. A real “Broadway belter” each stage is lucky to have him thanks to his spotlights. She looks fantastic and certainly left audiences wanting more. For laughs, look no further than butler “Doily,” drag improv comedian Kevin Kent playing yet another in a long line of over-the-top female characters. Be warned, anyone in the front row is a free game to add to the festivities. Or chum added to the waters, depending on your perspective. Third headliner of the show, the motorcyclist, a mysterious man dressed in leather, “Phenix”. Michael Cuino is best described as the love child of the performance of Adam Lambert, Pink, David Bowie and Freddy Mercury. Its high-flying “Phenix” howls captivate. Last appearance in the Windy City in 2018 Lyric Opera’s Jesus Christ Superstar as Pilate, his critically acclaimed performance stole the show from a cast full of scene-stealers. His complex vocal textures are solidly on display. All rock n’ roll bravado, its steely sex appeal is a welcome delight.

As for the “globally assembled” individual performers, spoiler alert, they are all dimwitted, slapstick employees, performing silliness on stage before the official start of the show. In the mix is ​​”Sasha”, better known as Ukrainian Elena Gatilova. This Crimean, five-time national champion and rhythmic gymnast and aerial acrobat is breathtaking, performing with power, grace and strength. Suspended at least one floor above the audience, this is her ninth collaboration with Teatro ZinZanni since 2011. Gatilova is a proven fan favorite. Keeping his feet on the ground, “Rafael” hails from Mexico. In fact, Noel Aguilar is a scion of one of Mexico’s earliest circus families and is an eighth-generation juggler. His pedigree shows it. Rounding out the early performers, “Shaquille” aka Michael Evolution hails from the Netherlands and is a world-class basketball freestyler. His high-energy vignette, also a fan favorite.

Quebecer Margorie Nantel, do that “Marjo”, plays a chain-smoking waitress. In reality, this acrobat has a solid worldwide performance biography, but here, her contortionist art is performed strictly for laughs. The latest “Duo Rose” couple are no strangers to Windy City audiences. “Samson and Vivi” are actually Sylvia Friedman and Samuel Sion from Chicago. These trapeze stars have such a sleek and easy partnership. Their airy art, a stunning combination of sophistication and grace, style and strength. Combined, there really is something here for everyone to enjoy. If slapstick falls aren’t your cup of tea, minutes later there’s either a peppy song or an exquisite aerialist to captivate.

Around the corner from the Spiegeltent ZaZou, a live band every night. These musicians are also a who’s who of instrumentalists. Jon Negus fulfills a dual role as musical director and playing woodwinds. Bandleader Kevin Disch is also the band’s pianist. Drums and percussion are the dapper contribution of Jose Martinez. Taking a break from her work on Broadway, playing music by Bad, hamilton and Boys jersey Along with touring with Aretha Franklin, Bill Withers and David Sanborn, bassist Chuck Webb also brings his cool timing and tone to the band. At the end of the show, an animated cast and audience sing along to Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy,” everyone willingly surrendering to the chaotic majesty of all things. Teatro ZinZanni: Wishes & Dreams.

As for food, Debbie Sharpe is “The Goddess” in The Goddess and the Grocer. Advertised as a “rock n’ roll caterer”, she has spent years nurturing a litany of rock world royalty. Some quick names include members of The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, U2, Paul McCartney and Madonna. Planting her roots in Chicago, she brings her signature style to deliver flavorful cuisine and top-notch service to the masses. As you browse the menu, enjoy a signature cocktail or two, including the ‘ZinZanni Old Fashioned’, ‘The Show Must Go On’, ‘Madame Z’ and the ‘Doily Drop’. For the less daring, there is also a solid selection of beers and wines. The multi-course menu includes a range of starters and nibbles, including chunk crab cakes, baked goat cheese, roasted beets and candied walnuts, prawn rigatoni mezzi, agrodolce braised pork shoulder and wild mushroom risotto cake. For those looking to indulge, the ZinZanni Slice of Cake, featuring layers of red velvet, chocolate and golden vanilla cake with buttercream and dark chocolate ganache or the iconic Rainbow Cake Slice Goddess Heaven, a six-layer vanilla cake with vanilla meringue buttercream frosting. Both are crowd favorites.

At Teatro Zin Zanni you can arrive alone, as a couple or book a group party. All are welcome, but make your reservations online first. They sell out regularly, so secure your reservation now. Arrive early if you can to soak up the full atmosphere of this unique experience. There is no other show currently playing with so much interactive grandeur on display. Come and play because interaction with the public is both essential and encouraged.

Stephen Best

Randolph Entertainment LLC Presents Teatro ZinZanni: Wishes & Dreams now playing indefinitely at the Cambria Hotel 32 W. Randolph Street, Chicago, Illinois

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