Tesla’s V11 software update has a few issues, not just a light show

Most of the features that the update brings seem to have made owners happy, but there’s more to a car than a light show. As some owners have complained on platforms like Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, and forums, the user experience has changed, but not in a smart way.

While the existing features have not been removed, the driver should look for them in the menus, which no one wants to do while driving, and no one should have to do it while driving.

As some drivers have noted, all of the available features are supposed to work with voice commands, but not all of them work as required if used only with voice commands. We have already reported other issues. The size and position of the speedometer have been changed.

Fortunately, there are shortcuts, as you can see in the embedded YouTube video below. However, accessing these shortcuts involves changing habits and “training” your muscle memory to press another point on a screen while driving, then look away from the road while trying to activate the defroster. of the windshield.

The change placed icons for Tesla Arcade, Toybox and Theater on the home screen, which take up space while driving – as they are not accessible, but drivers prefer to be able to continue to see trip information on the screen, as well as the tire pressure. , seat heating controls and lighting controls. In other words, Tesla has changed too many things in the interface of its cars with the V11 software update.

The changes have angered many owners, who now have to navigate multiple menus or learn new shortcuts for their most frequently used functions.

On a vehicle that has a good number of buttons on board, this change would involve moving the buttons around overnight, as well as changing the icons on some of them or requiring multiple presses of button combinations to activate a function. at hand.

As legend has it, when designing the first iPod, Steve Jobs insisted that he “should be able to go wherever he wanted with just three clicks.“It was a great idea for a portable music player, but we think three clicks may take too long to make on a screen while driving.

A Tesla Model 3 driver who uses the username “fishers86” on Reddit asked if there was a way to turn on the heated seats in his vehicle without turning on the air conditioning with them. Like Teslarati noted, some owners found that the new software came with a “good sprinkling of gimmicky,“but has” a lot of practical improvements.

The new V11 Tesla software is the first major update released following the departure of the company’s former UI chief Pawel Pietryka from the US company. This happened in April 2021, and the new leader made some interesting design choices, which offer a “cleaner” design in some ways, even if the ergonomics are below expectations.

Unfortunately Tesla does not provide a manual for its vehicles which is updated with software, which is why some customers have the right to be unhappy.

The best part about replacing conventional controls with a touchscreen is the ability to fix issues that bother users, but it can be a headache for some people. This last part is also understandable and raises some concerns when considering the purchase of used vehicles that have switched to touch-only interfaces.

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