The developer of open source applications for Android wants to launch its alternative mobile

While most mobile users will use their drives for the most common tasks, certain segments of mobile users are much more specific.

In this regard, although they can be adapted to all the models on the market, they can also opt for less conventional models of smaller brands but which offer aspects that they request and that are not found as standard. in the models of the main brands. brands.

For this reason, there are more specific mobile brands, including brands that have privacy-focused models on the market, soon to be joined by open-source app developer Simple Mobile Tools, which specializes in alternative apps for Android by compared to traditional applications.

For enthusiasts of the open source world

One of its developers, named Tibbbi on Reddit, announces on this platform that his company will soon launch a privacy-focused phone model, called Simple Phone, where obviously all the software will be open source, including the full Pro versions.

We have some exciting news today, we will be launching our phone soon! Obviously our fully unlocked apps will be pre-installed, what other apps would you like to have in there? We don’t want to add any bloatware, but I guess everyone uses a browser and probably an email client, right? Any suggestions for these apps or others? They must be open source, as the whole device will be privacy-focused. Stay tuned for more details!

However, as it says, at the moment they don’t have a browser and an email client, so users are asked for open source options that they can integrate because they don’t have an equivalent developed by themselves.

This model will also be free of bloatware and will only offer apps that users are only interested in.

But the situation is not going to be easy, since there have also been other small brands that have wanted to target users who want a privacy-oriented mobile or that only includes open source applications.

In any case, it will be interesting to see how it fits into a market against existing companies, such as Fairphone and its Pine64.

For now, the configuration of the mobile phone that they are going to launch on the market has not transpired, but it will be interesting to follow the evolution and if, for example, F-Droid were to integrate as a open source application on the market, as we can assume.

If it hits the market, open source enthusiasts will already have an option they can use against the major brand options.

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