The evolution of Yara Zaya’s style in pictures

Yara Zaya has wowed 90 Day Fiancé fans with her amazing fashion sense since her debut, but her style has come a long way since then.

Yara Zaya is one of the fan favorites of the 90 day fiance franchise, and fans can’t get enough of her amazing fashion sense, which has continued to evolve over the years. Whether Yara is rocking a colorful power suit, expertly styled neutrals or chic dresses, she’s turning heads. Yara is always improving her fashion and fans love to see how far she has come since her first reality TV appearances in Ukraine when she was just a teenager.

Yara first appeared on 90 day fiance season 8 with her husband, Jovi Dufren. A big part of Yara and Jovi’s story was the fact that he had to travel and leave her for much of her pregnancy, but traveling is what really brought the couple together. Jovi met Yara in his native Ukraine through a travel app and the couple have been together ever since.


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Fans love Yara on 90 day fiance because she tells him how it is. She was pregnant for much of the season, and fans were thrilled to meet the couple’s baby girl, Mylah. Yara passed on her impeccable fashion sense to Mylah, as the two often coordinate adorable mother-daughter outfits.

Yara on Ukrainian TV

Unlike many other cast members, 90 day fiance wasn’t Yara’s first reality TV gig. She has appeared on several Ukrainian reality TV shows, starting as a 19-year-old party girl. This post showed Yara channeling her inner pageant girl, and her style has changed drastically since then.

keep it casual

Yara’s style was much more understated, like this simple white shirt and denim shorts combo. However, some things never change, such as Yara’s love of travel and the fact that she likes to wear baseball caps.

pregnancy burst

Yara was the picture of elegance during her pregnancy, with many stunning outfits on 90 day fiance. Her blue baby shower dress steals the show, as it’s one of the prettiest things she’s ever worn.

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Family fashion

Yara loves a power suit, and 90 day fiance fans appreciate the way she styled her bright red. She also dressed Mylah in an adorable monochrome outfit, with red bows to match her suit.

Yara tries the bangs

Yara took some fashion risks, including a drastic hairstyle change when she cheated 90 day fiance fans thinking she had bangs. She actually bought faux bangs for an editorial photo shoot, complete with flowers and a corset, but fans loved her edgy look.

A vision in white

While Yara loves her pops of color, she is good at wearing neutral colors as well. If she dressed 90 day fiance whether exploring her new home in New Orleans or on a date night, her chic, chic style is always in the spotlight. His style has continued to grow ever since. 90 day fianceand fans can’t wait to see what she wears next.

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