The future sounds good: Degethal! | by Degethal | March 2022

Today’s times mean speed, connection and, as much as possible, having everything in one place. Especially money and access to money. What do we do at Degethal? Exactly like this: multi-currency fiat wallet, crypto and trading wallet, open access to DeFi, speed and security.

Fiat Multi-Currency Wallet – with access to a number of popular fiat coins that can be held and used simultaneously in the Degethal app, but also with your Degethal debit card.

Crypto wallet – managing your crypto assets has never been easier, as you no longer have to manage multiple wallets or the cumbersome task of managing multiple private keys.

Native licensed exchange — Degethal members will be able to trade their crypto assets freely on our native, licensed and centralized exchange platform.

Open access to DeFi – As banks continue to offer very low or even negative interest rates, the power of stablecoin lending in DeFi cannot be underestimated. With Degethal, you will be able to deploy your assets on high-end DeFi protocols.

The future is Degethal — The evolution of the financial system will not be smooth sailing, but Degethal is ready to accompany you on this journey. With a team experienced in the banking operations of industry giants, we are well on our way to facilitating the next stage of digital financial evolution.

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