The Incredible Journey of MODSi, the hitmaker “I’m broke” from Chi-town

24-year-old hip hop artist and record producer from Chi-town MODSi built his career on a high note, mixing music production, rap and vocals on his own melodies.

MODSi, which is originally known as Dominique johnson, was presented for the first time to the world as a producer. On his new song “I’m Broke” he shows off his other musical talent which rapping vivid life stories in an entertaining way. He takes his listeners on a sonic journey different from what one expects from a rapper these days. According to MODSi, he was inspired to write the song to deal with his financial difficulties. He later realized that his reckless spending and irresponsibility with money was the main reason he was broke.

I like good food / But I’m used to that ramen taste / The gasoline went up by a dollar / So I won’t drive my car today, the relatability and integrity of these lyrics prove MODSi’s lyrical prowess as well as his awareness of his environment and daily events.

In the past, hip-hop culture was all about rapping about the truth no matter what. Somewhere during its many stages of evolution, the genre became notorious for projecting an exaggerated lifestyle of wealth and fame through not only its imagery, but more specifically its lyrical content. Since the mid-90s, the constant intention has been to create an often unfulfilled illusion of success that most listeners can aspire to, but very few can actually relate to. Even early in their careers, good luck trying to get contemporaries such as Tyler the creator, Lil ‘tecca Where Roddy Rich face a problem related to lack of money. This would completely negate the trance of materialism that has plunged the audience into a definite and intermittent daze. Ironically, the magic of MODSiS words lie in her ability to casually lament the pulsating digital backdrop with a story that reflects what most countries of the world are actually experiencing on a global scale – a desire to freedom.

In an interview with Unorthodox opinions, MODSi sites Ice Cube, Andre 3000, Scarface and Quincy Jones as major musical influences. This balance between music and school created a state of mind that became a message in MODSi’s music. He emphasizes the willingness to keep persevering when the going gets tough, the motivation to become a better person and ultimately to be able to influence people in a positive way with his music.

Currently, MODSi is signed at NiVe Entertainment Group, directed by Nikia Shanard. Nikia who had worked with MODSi in the past but only as a producer was so amazed by the song that he gave it an instant deal. According to Nikia, he loved that MODSi had the courage to tackle a very real and sensitive topic that we can all relate to whether you did or not. He embraced her reality and turned it into something special. He also loved how catchy and memorable the song is. “It’s the type of song that definitely stays with you even after the first listen,” says Nikia.

Stream MODSi’s “I’m Broke” below:

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