The Volvo app lets you scan cars for specs

How do you get people thinking about their next car during a pandemic, when showrooms are closed and car shows are cancelled? Volvo agency in Belgium has drawn up a plan.

the Brussels Motor Show 2022 was supposed to take place in January but was postponed for an entire year due to COVID. So Volvo’s agency FamousGrey has developed an app, “Volvo Street Congifurator”, which aims to “turn the streets into a giant showroom”.

Users can take a photo of any Volvo car they spot and then upload it, and the tool uses AI to provide all the details on model, color, trim level and wheels. It will then redirect the user to the Volvo website to complete the setup and direct them either to a nearby dealership or to buy the car online.

Building it was quite a challenge. We’re told the agency has collected over 100,000 images of models, colors and trims, information collected by a combination of Google and 3D models. These were placed in a real computer simulation. Ten thousand photos were also collected manually by FamousGrey and by three professional photographers who captured the cars on the streets.

The launch of the tool is supported by an explanatory video and an outdoor campaign, and it is also promoted by local influencers and Volvo ambassadors on their social networks. Volvo is also investigating potential deployment in other markets.

“The cancellation of the Brussels Motor Show was a business challenge, but this tool is proving to be a great solution that also fits perfectly into the shift we are making towards online sales,” Collin said. Vermoesen, commercial marketing and business manager at Volvo Cars. Belux, in a press release. “An innovation like this meets both our business and global sustainability goals, so it has great potential and international potential.”

“The ‘Volvo Street Configurator’ is a great example of how creative thinking combined with technology can solve a business problem,” added Peter Ampe, Creative Partner at Famous Grey. “Since we launched the app, I have seen every Volvo on the street. I hope it will have the same effect on the consumer.”

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