With two prime time docu-series dedicated to maritime adventure, DEEP WATERS RESCUE and OCEAN LORDS, viewers can expect high seas and action-packed drama. Whereas THE UNBLOCKED EARTH explores the mysteries of Earth and offers viewers insight into the planet’s most fascinating phenomena.

THE UNBLOCKED EARTH satisfies viewers’ appetite for curiosity with answers to the most puzzling questions about our planet. Curious viewers will appreciate THE UNBLOCKED EARTH offers a more scientific approach to connecting with the wonders of the Earth. This 8-week trip is sure to intrigue even the most analytical minds.

DEEP WATERS RESCUE come back strong for Season 2, and will have viewers on the edge of their seat each week. The ubiquitous severe weather antagonist will leave viewers with intense anticipation as they watch to see how each amazing rescue unfolds. The daily risks of these dirty jobs will naturally inspire viewers to seek out their favorite rescue teams. This season features tougher digs, in tougher conditions, with higher stakes.

Deep sea exploration continues with the premiere of LORDS OF THE OCEAN. This exciting new series offers viewers a front-row seat in the exciting world of professional diving. It’s a dive into the challenges of the most unusual occupations below sea level. Viewers will get a weekly dose of a day in the life of dive crews battling bad weather, tight deadlines and the technical difficulties to earn a lot of money. OCEAN LORDS will have viewers both gasping and gasping for air.

“These summer premieres are special because they’re packed with action and exploration and are a perfect fit for The Weather Channel’s incredible audience of weather and adventure enthusiasts,” said Nora Zimmet, president of news and original series for Weather Group. “With our recently updated streaming app, we’re expanding network access and viewers can now watch our exciting primetime programming live or on-demand.”

Existing cable customers and subscribers to The Weather Channel’s Connected Television (CTV) app will be thrilled with on-demand access to every episode of every series after it airs. The Weather Channel CTV app is available on Amazon Fire TV and Android TV and will soon be available on Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Vizio and Xfinity Flex. Viewers can also stream The Weather Channel on YouTube TV.

Learn more about the June broadcast premieres:

THE UNBLOCKED EARTHPremieres of new series Sunday June 5 at 8 p.m. ET.
THE DESCRIPTION: THE EARTH UNLOCKED explores the mysterious planet Earth whose remarkable natural wonders are forged by extreme weather, constant geological change and biological evolution. Each episode delves deep into the intricate past and present of Earth’s natural wonders, revealing secrets, truths and treasures hidden for billions of years. The series unveils the science behind the mysteries of Mother Nature.

DEEP WATERS RESCUE Season 2 premieres Sunday June 5 at 9 p.m. ET.
THE DESCRIPTION: DEEP WATER SALVAGE, Season 2 takes a closer look at the devastation caused by the increase in deadly weather events like hurricanes and tidal waves. It is action-packed, from transporting and recovering massive vessels such as yachts, planes, and even houses, to repairing submerged structures. It’s an immersive, eye-opening and thrilling adventure that takes viewers into the unknown world of marine rescue and highlights how these brave rescue teams routinely save the day.

OCEAN LORDSPremieres of new series Sunday June 5 at 10 p.m. ET.
THE DESCRIPTION: LORDS OF THE OCEAN follows the Lohnes family business, Dominion Diving, where no one else dares: recover, repair and resurrect everything from the world’s most dangerous waters. What sets this new series apart from other sea rescue shows is the unique perspective of professional divers. In addition to marine salvage, viewers can see the crews of LORDS OF THE OCEAN performing exciting diving missions, including rebuilding a reef on the ocean floor and doing top secret work for the Canadian Navy.

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