What is Kim Kardashian’s first husband doing now?

When it comes to being a celebrity wife, few rides match the marriage madness that comes with hitching up Kim Kardashian. This was certainly the case for Damon Thomas, who was Kim’s first husband.

The mark of craziness Thomas experienced was overshadowed by Kanye West’s antics, but Thomas definitely has an interesting story to tell.

Thomas is a music producer and he married Kim in 2000, which is pretty much ancient history as far as the Kardashian clan saga is concerned. The marriage lasted until 2004, which is now considered a relative eternity for a formal Kardashian union.

Kim has since revealed that Thomas was high on ecstasy when they said their vows at the altar, and her second experience with drugs led her to make a sex tape with singer Ray-J.

Thomas was 29 when they got married and Kim was just 19. She described him as very controlling, adding that he made her drop out of college, quit her job and have plastic surgery.

However, he was “generous” enough to pay for his liposuction and high value other cosmetic procedures, and it’s no surprise that Kim claims physical abuse was also involved.

Most of these rates are part of the course on the Kardashian Drama Scale, of course, but Thomas’ story is just as intriguing, if not more so. He revealed his version of the “he said, she said” drama in some recent interviews.

Thomas claims he was the one who initiated the divorce and that Kim cheated on him with several men. He also claims that Kim is simply star-obsessed and has no talent, which isn’t exactly a revelation to anyone who has followed the Kardashians’ particular evolution.

Unlike most men who have gotten involved with a Kardashian girl, Thomas doesn’t seem to be in much worse shape when it comes to his career and life journey. He is still a music producer working with a number of successful rap artists and groups, and his net worth is estimated at $1 million.

Thomas and his band, The Underdogs, won the Black Reel Awards for Best Original Score in 2006 for the hit movie “Dreamgirls.” In 2012, The Underdogs won another major Black Reels award for “Living Proof”, a song they wrote for Mary J. Blige for another hit film, “The Help”.

Thomas formed his own record label, Thomas Krown Records, and he’s been very active as a producer, posting pictures of himself, his artists, and his studio activities.
But Thomas, who is from California, apparently learned a few things from his brief marital alliance with Kim when it comes to post-Kardashian private life.

He no longer posts photos of his other half, and he seems to have drawn a clear line in the sand when it comes to his private life versus his public persona.

That’s probably a solid lesson for anyone who dives into romantic or sexual waters with a Kardashian, and Thomas seems to have taken that lesson to heart in the best way possible.

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